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Weighted Vest

I see the product review on the Xvest weight vest. But, can anyone tell me some real hands on info about their personal use with the vest. I saw it at the Arnold but I couldn?t get to the booth to try it on for myself, they were way to busy. Also, I?m working on my agility and speed anyone with some tips?

I?ve used weight vest for years and the xvest is the best I?ve ever used. I?ve had an xvest for 8 months and use it on clients daily and I also use it personally in Plyo?s, dips/chins and conditioning. At first I would say it was initially more difficult to use because of the two-piece design but after a couple days of using the vest I fell in love with it. I can?t say enough about the fit it is amazing and it doesn?t move when you do. You can?t go wrong buying the xvest. As for your agility and speed I charge for that info but here are some very basic areas for you to educate your self. First, get to the GYM and test your quads and hams to see if they are within the opposing muscle deficiency ratios, if you don?t know the ratios go buy a book there are numerous on the market. Secondly, develop a progression with realistic goals. And, remember that straight-line speed and playing speed are two very different animals.

I think the weighted vest is fantastic for general conditioning and plyometric workouts. I would, however, avoid sport specific movements because you might develop improper motor patterns.