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Weighted Vest Training for MMA

Just wanted to get some opinions on their worth for training mma. I think in the weight room it would help as I do a lot of circuit work. What do you guys think? And what are some decent vests, at an affordable price. Preferably not the ones that look like a cut off shirt please.


[quote]Jits wrote:

Thanks man! I’m thinking about the 40lb that comes with 20lbs of weight. Now to save up the money!

[quote]Jits wrote:

This one looks better and seems to be made of higher quality material + can up to 120 pounds.

I think this is the original ^.

Peep Ebay son, you would be surprised at what is available for les.


Weighted burpees, plenty of burpees I say. How many? For many!

Weighted chin-ups, pull-ups, dips, and commando pull-ups… dead hang of course.

Hill Sprints… now that’s just cruel.