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Weighted Vest Sprinting

i was thinking about saving up some money to buy a weighted vest. You see i wanted to improve my cardio and sprinting speed for next year, i am thinking of doing track.

Anyway i was thinking of buying a 100lb vest, and just doing some light guerilla training…eventuelly leading up to intense training over a period of 6 months next year.

do you guys think that it i will increase my overall speed. I mean im sure eventuelly my body will get used to the weight and it will deffenetly get stronger.

I’m not sure its a very good idea. Two reasons:

  1. Running with a weighted vest is not good for your legs. It can cause pretty bad shin splints or even stress fractures. (ask people how have been in the army/marines)

  2. If you are a sprinter it can destroy your technique. Sprinting with weight on your body is different then sprinting with just a t-shirt. Kinda the same reason boxers are told not to shadow box with weights in thier hands.

RedRaven has some very valid points. I still think a weighted vest is a good investment. Running stairs in HIIT fashion would be one idea, plus it would be great for bodyweight exercises like single leg calf raises, chins & dips. Wearing an extra 100 lbs around the house an hour or two a day would probably do wonders for your calf, ham & quad development as well.

www.elitefts.com has weighted vests for sprinting,i was looking at them earlier since i was looking for a way to intensify my own cardio to cut-up quicker and get my speed up


100 lb vest??? Are you smoking dope? Do you have any idea what sprinting with an extra 100 lbs is like? Try just carrying an extra 40 lbs and you’ll see how heavy it is.

Weighted vest sprinting is stupid and dangerous. If you want to get faster then spring. If you want to cut up then clean up your diet. No need for a vest.

If you want to dynamically work the muscles involved in sprinting, try to drag heavy loads, walking, which would get the posterior chain. But as far as loading sprinting, that is not a good idea at all, like everyone else said. In general loading any skillfull sport movement is not a good idea, these movements are done at high velocities, usually with your body weight, you cant do anything with high velocity and high force I dont care who you are. Its like practicing with a 30 lb basketball and thinking you’ll get better. You’ll def get hurt and be a worse sprinter.

Uh, you can get damn fast without using a weight vest with proper sprint training. And another plus is that you’ll have use of your legs; you won’t be crippled with impact-related injuries.

I’d echo what others have already said. Running in a weighted vest would destroy your knees/ankles. Maybe walking on a treadmill at an incline would be ok, but then again - as someone already pointed out - why not just concentrate on running faster. Also, I use 2 50 pound weighted vests and superset step-ups with squats on lower body day occaisonally and that seems to get my heart rate up.

i would get that parachute thing before a weighted vest for sprints