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Weighted Suspended Chain Push-Up


I have blast straps from EliteFTS and do weighted push-ups on them with my feet elevated on a chair. It is a tremendous exercise, due to the great ROM, as well as the whole body effort required and abdominal stabilization. I am goign to make it my primary upper body horizontal pressing movement, as nothing I have ever done even seems to compare to it. Has anybody else tried these?


You mean iron cross?


I got the jungle gym from lifeform which is simlar to the blast straps. I really dont know the weight limit on it, but I do all kinds of bodyweight stuff on it. I do dips, rows, been trying to do a muscle up, also trying to do a inverted watermellon press(a tucked handstand pushup on the handles) and various odd and end like that.
This didnt answer your question but just wanted to share.


I am looking for plans for an adult Jungle Gym . I googled life form but to no avail . Do you have a websight for life form ?sorry For the hijack


Its by Lifeline USA, my misquote. Check your pm's


No. You attatch added weight, put your feet on a chair, grasp the handles and do a deep push-up.




I've been considering checking them out for a while... Figure it'd be another toy to add...

What do you think of them KA? Obviously you like them to make them a ME move, but give me your review.


I'd think of them more as an assistance movement cause their has to be limits to the weight that you can add (unlike a bench press for instance)

How are you adding weight KA?


I think it would be possible to do quite a bit if you hung a dip belt over your upper back. Around the waste could get dangerous and I think the limit would probably be substantially lower around the neck.


I use them as a somewhat heavy supplementary movement following the ME exercise (5-8 rep range), as you do have to expend some energy getting into place, although I might try it as an ME movement very soon. I don't have a dipping belt or anything similar, so I wear old khaki pants and loop weights through a sturdy old belt I have. I don't think the method of loading would be a hindering factor under I got up to around 100 lbs added.


My gym just purchased blast straps a couple months ago. They are great. I use them once a week. Many of the power lifters at my gym use them.


I tried something kinda like that a while back, I put a dumbbell on my back and went down as far as I could and held it for a while. I got the idea when I heard about Adam Archuleta doing it in his training routine. I didn't really like it though.