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Weighted Stretching?


I think that someone does not understand that there might be some people on T nation that might be more experienced. Also some whom could be more knowledgeable . Not to mention that some are more accomplished than a certain someone in the actual weight room.


You don’t look yoked tho


Im just saying that their are some people out there that are yoked as hell and natural. Your probably one of them from your strongman training


What I am saying is, if you want to emulate their results, shouldn’t you emulate their methods?


Logic and this kid don’t seem to be friends.



I asked you for one example and you posted a picture of a guy with a shitty physique.


The pic he sent you was of alphas best bro friend., go figure. It’s pretty obvious the young man is suffering from fanboyism. I’m guessing he has closed off any info that comes into conflict with it.


Op may I suggest you choose a better person to use as an idol, or mentor, or whatever?

Look up Paul Carter. Or Christian Thibaudeau, or Dan John. Or maybe John Meadows. How about Jim Wendler?

All of those people have something in common. They achieved something. They excelled in something. Most of them are or have been elite at what they do.

Whether enhanced or not, you have a ton more to learn from them than any one YouTube guy. Read some of their work, choose a program, then stop reading or asking for advice. And better yet, stop giving advice.

Or better yet, do what I did if you can afford it. Hit up one of them and get coached by him. Pay him to teach you, to make a plan just for you and, most importantly, follow that plan. No questions, no reading of other articles and most importantly no watching of yt videos. Give yourself 6 months of consistently doing that and you’ll be amazed.

For me, the most important part, and the one I’m working the most on currently, has been to stop thinking about gym. It needs to be something you do when it’s time to train, and then you move on with your life. Otherwise it’s too easy to get caught up in the minutia due to the enormous amount of information available, often provided by people who just want your money or your following.


HAvent been on in a couple of days, and boy is it business as usual around here -lol



Is he dude on the left?

Why would you listen to either of these guys?




I am going to say that is highly unlikely and is not going to happen.


I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure that is the same guy, like a before and after photo.

I will say, I do not quite get all the gate for this guy. Never watched any of his videos, so maybe he is an insufferable tool, but it seems to me like he is a guy with a better than average physique who makes youtube videos about lifting. There’s an entire industry built around that. Not saying that is good or bad, but why does he specifically get so much flak for being a part of the whole “youtube fitness” community?


If the weights pull my arms straight out to the sides, will it stretch out my clavicles?


Rack pullz stretch gainz


It’s two guys in the video.


Yup, but watching the video he threw that up as part of a before and after. 5:20 mark

Edit: Also, in the video the man looks like neither of the people in the video…


Well to be honest he has developed a reputation for being a ego lifter. Along with quoting other more established individuals to justify his some time questionable practices. The kicker is he tends to twist the original source material or cherry picks it.


Lol, ya man idk…


Hmm, fair enough. Did a little youtube searching after reading these, makes me disheartened to see that this guy has more followers than Brian Alsruhe, when the content difference is night and day.