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Weighted Stretching?


I don’t have big traps but I strive for the yoke look


Why not get implants if it’s only for aesthetics? (or buy T shirts with shoulder pads)


Im all about the natural physique. And Implants look fake as hell to me.


Show me one example of a natural physique with a “yoked” look. The only impressive ones I have seen are enhanced.


You realize it’s just going to be a photo of Alpha Destiny, right?



That would mean NOT focusing on isolation-style moves to enhance certain body parts, but sticking to big compound moves, bodyweight exercises, and sprints/runs. Again, I don’t follow your logic.


Please tell me you are joking.


did you know that you can look yoked without roids. look at the old strongman and even some of the armature strongman today


That is no where near “yoked”.


Oh, great; now we’re talking about steroids.


I will train in any way I want and a way of getting yoked is training neck which is isolation


training your actual neck? You mean traps, yeah?


naturaly you can get pretty big without roids, instead just be in a higher body fat
this topic is in a different direction than its supposed to be so in done




imagine how heavy his rack pulls are


Lighter than alpha destiny’s tho


Holy crap! This stuff works. I just snapped a pic, went outside and did weighted stretching, 1200 lb rack pulls, got a haircut, and then snapped another pic. What difference! Who knew?


Nope…and my patience is running low on this thread also.
and I bet guys like @FlatsFarmer is just waiting on me to get fed up.


As a lifetime drug free amatuer strongman, I would not use this approach to training.