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Weighted Stretching?


I only use the term “squat” when dealing with the fanciest of clientele.


the evidence that rack pulls grow the traps. I dont understand why people are so skeptical about the rack pull l. it was been shown time and time again to grow the traps. looked at alphadestiny ( I know that I’m going to get shit for using that example) look at megan from team 3d alpha.


No one said rack pulls don’t build traps. You look at alpha … I posted a pick of a 17 year old kid whom had trap and neck equal to his if not better.


I got a lot of shit for that and I didn’t know where it was coming from. lol sorry


Shrugs and rack pulls work and are cool. You’ve seen plenty of examples. Nobody who was worth listening to said they were bad.

What people are saying is that Alpha Destiny is a joker! 1000 pound rack pulls? That’s what a dude 400 + pounds with a 1000 pound + deadlift should use. Not what a 147 kid should lift.

Everyone with experience says dont bother going higher than 10% above your max deadlift. Experienced dudes and science bros have given us useful guidelines. And told us how to get the most gains with the least weights/damage/danger. Jerk offs like Alpha Destiny take the words of experienced guys or science guys and twist and warp them to back up their bullshit.

Don’t do 700 pound rack pulls and hurt yourself. Shrug 2-3 plates and hold that shit at the top and lower it slowly. Get the most out of your lifts, don’t let them get the most out of you.


Finally someone said it!!


I get a sharp pain in my left trap whenever I do shrugs so I can only do weighted stretching. I have to do farmer walks with high volume and rack pulls. that is why I am so passionate about this topic. I dont what to come off as an asshole.


At 15, figure out WHY you are getting sharp pains and fix it. You are WAY too young to be broken.


Jump on this now! Try some little dumb stuff like scarecrows or Cuban rotations as a warm up to get your shoulders doing the same thing.

Then maybe some dumbbell shrugs, first the good side then the bad side to teach yourself to move symmetrically.


I guess the evidence in this thread does show that rack pulls grow traps, but at the expense of causing terrible facial hair. There, science.


I think it is a knot in my trap because I once massaged it and it went away for a couple of months but came back from shrugs. it isn’t serious it just gets in the way


Figure out how you are getting these knots and address it. Again, this is an abnormal affliction for someone your age. Something is going wrong.


I will look deeper into this problem because I want to go back to doing heavy shrugs.


From your other topic, who’s getting yoked this winter,

“I haven’t done rack pulls in a while because I would get a sharp pain in my trap when I would do it”

So first of all, you don’t even seem to know what exercises give you trap pain, or you’re lying in one of these threads.

You can’t do rack pulls or shrugs without sharp pains in your traps and yet you’re an authority on what grows traps. Maybe this is why people are jumping on you - nobody cares if you parrot information you’ve heard. Applying that information over years of trial and error is called experience, and it’s what people tend to value. Your age is, unfortunately, a deal breaker with regards to experience.


Also, I would expect traps A LOT BIGGER than that if I have to invest the effort into rack pulling 1,000lbs just to make them grow.


I only got trap pain when I used an overhand grip. I did rack pulls with a trap bar that fit a power rack at my gym. the pain in my trap isn’t as bar as it was 9 months ago where I could even pull 185 overhand without getting pain. I had to use a mixed grip on straight bar deads with the left hand under. but now I can pull 385 hook grip with no pain. I just dont want to test my luck on straight bar rack pulls so I use the trap bar.



That is my whole Beef I have regarding him!!!

Yep thats why I find it amusing … doing 1000lbs rack pulls and your trap develop is not much more than a 17 year old High school athlete.


Yeah, it’s like, ok, if that alpha fellow was pulling 500lbs for reps, fair enough. That’s not a terribly hard target to shoot for if you want that kind of trap development. Go ahead. Why the fuck would you chase 1,000lbs when most people have built big traps just by shrugging less than half of that?

I’m not putting down the OP, just reminding people who watch these youtube celeb videos that sometimes you need to use some common sense when assessing the things they are saying.


Why do you care if you have big traps if you can’t use them due to pain? Wouldn’t you rather have healthy traps that were usable? I don’t get it. Just get trap implants if they’re all for show.


Exactly … were on the same page on that. Unfortunately those that follow U tube type are in some cases young , not experienced and impressionable .