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Weighted Stretching?


Just for Clarification I posted the pic I did as a PSA for those younger and less experienced guys to understand that a certain someone isnt as special as they think and its not actually necessary to follow him blindly and emulating certain questionable practices. Especially for those whom let fandom get in the way of critical thinking.


Ive done the incline curl and I love the exercise. I think it might also be safer than the preacher curl.


I know that I have a lot of progress ahead of me but don’t use my age to say that I am uneducated. If you have conflicting views on what I say than confront me about it. Ive read the research and seen the anecdotal evidence that backs up my claims. But most importantly Im just going to make the gains that I deserve.


Gains you deserve?


Ah fuck, here we go


which evidence would that be and over which subject?


You know you just might be correct…


This was my sarcastic post point. It’s always the people who have very little experience and results who defer to “science” to justify things or use as debate points.

10+ years under the iron later they tend to understand the fact that getting big and lean hasn’t changed much in 30-40 years. More fun to Science Bitch! I guess than just lift heavy and eat for a decade.


Probably helps I train DoggCrapp and it involves weighted stretches, just longer than time you gave and you don’t do them inbetween sets but at the end of each muscle group, some are done with weight so I go for 60 seconds unweighted I do for 90 seconds.

Some debate whether it works but DoggCrapp I went from 180 to 187 in a couple of weeks which is really fast for me, So I do the programme to the T.

So I’d do my chest excersize to failure then I go to a flat bench, have my girlfriend time me and stretch my chest in a fly like fashion for 60 seconds.

Everyone I’ve seen DC only do weighted stretches on their Triceps, Chest and Lats so I’d assume the other muscles wouldn’t be safe to do so.


amazing how that seems the same tired thing that happens on here… Nothing entertains me more than some beginner whom wants to argue point with members whom might have 10 to 20 years of hand on experience under their belt.
What makes it even funnier is when certain guys try to sound all intelligent. Considering… I have a son who will be finishing up a degree in actual exercise science soon.So I have heard my share of technical talk and it would melt the brains of some of them since it on a whole different level.

Yeah honestly allot of all of the ground braking stuff isnt new and has been in practice for decades. But yeah, I think allot of new guys think if they know all the science behind already established practices that some how it will speed up the process or make it easier effort wise.


Maybe this belongs in the Flame Free Confession Thread, but…

“Weighted stretching” is just a fancy term for “end-range isometrics”. There, I said it.

Not to stir the pot, but my counter argument to those who are claiming that things like end-range curls are a great way to destroy your biceps would be to look at Olympic gymnasts. Top position holds on the rings, Maltese holds, skin-the-cats, back levers, planche, etc etc all put a similar pressure on the elbow via the biceps isometrically holding, and I have yet to see a gymnasts elbow explode.



Now we’re back on track! None of these ideas are that new. Dudes have been stretching the muscle with flies, incline/preacher curls, sissy squats and all sorts of other moves since forever.

Everybody has done stuff like 1.5 reps on incline bench or 21’s on curls or Serge Nubret constant tension reps or contracting a muscle, then putting it through a ROM like Kirwowski shrugs.

Scientists have to wade through all the anecdotal evidence, then try to figure out what’s going on, isolate some single, lone principle or idea to test. And then develop some experiment to test it. Often the experiments are super super focus on 1 “root idea” and the method used in the experiment is absurd.

Weighted stretches may be super silly. Focusing on stretching the muscles withweights COULD LIKELY BE A SUPER DANGEROUS DEAD END THATS TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE FOR YOUNG INEXPERIENCED DUDES.

But Hany Rambod and the dudes he coached to 14 Mr Olypmia titles believe you can pose and flex really hard after sets to stretch your fascia, and allow for bigger muscle pumps.


Gymnasts elbows may not explode, but lifter dudes trying to mess around with skin the cats and ring dips blow up their elbows and shoulders and biceps all the time.


Yes, 100%. Obviously gymnasts have been training those movements for ages and have built up a tolerance to the stress. I would HOPE that people following a similar principal would take things slow and progress in a similar fashion to any other lift or movement, but as we all know sometimes guys wanna be superheroes and they fuck themselves up.

But it all goes back to what everyone’s been saying; these concepts aren’t anything new or revolutionary, we’re just attaching buzzwords to them now which make them sound new and cool.


FST-7’s good. I like FST-7.


Wouldn’t it be the other way around?


Actually fascia stretching was pushed hard by bodybuilding guru John Parillo in the late 80s


Shit, I know guys who used to spot inject testosterone and gh prior to a workout into lagging muscles and then spend the workout pumping them up to stretch the fascia lol.


That’s what I was about to post. That’s like saying “squat” is a fancy term for “slow, controlled eccentric knee bend with an explosive concentric motion to return to the standing position”.


Hush, you!