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Weighted Stretching?


How much weight, I use 20-25 pounds for reps. He must of had a bad day, it isn’t very common if you do it right.


I imagine he was talking about the bicep tendon, rather than the actual bicep muscle.

That said, your statement would make sense if you were ALSO talking about the tendon, not the muscle. You tend to observe a greater risk of connective issue tears if someone is using as a result of muscular strength/growth outpacing that of connective tissue.

That being said, being natural doesn’t really protect you from it. I blew out connective tissue as a natural. Hell, antibiotics can put you in a bad way.


Is muscle hyperplasia an actual thing?


Let’s not bring metaphysics into this.


Hold it! I like @FlatsFarmer There has only been a few that I felt that way about.


Lol I just find it a bit funny because everyone’s talking about stretching creating new muscle fibers but I don’t really think that’s a thing. And iirc, there were studies indicating that after a certain age new muscle cells aren’t created anymore.

And what the hell is weighted stretching anyway? Weight is a force, hence a resistance, and you cannot stretch a muscle without a resistance. What’s the difference between a wall pec stretch and a db pec fly stretch?

In the latter case the resistance and hence stretch is induced by the weight of the dbs, whereas the former provides resistance in the form of placing yourself in such a way that the muscle is elongated and then applying force with your body. They both are loaded. And neither makes baby muscle cells appear out of nowhere if you ask me.



@T3hPwnisher Here two picks you can compare just for shits and giggles.


Pick one of a early 20 something You Tube expert whom some admire for his massive Trap development with a few years of consistence lifting and focus on bringing up a specific body part.

The other a 17 year old High school athlete whom only lifted off season and no specialization.

Christ people need to get out more. And people wonder why I roll my eyes when I hear beginners gush and jizz over a certain someone.


Weighted stretches and hyperplasia are pretty advanced ideas.

If you are a young bro, just learning about muscle pumps and using stretched positions for more tension, maybe start with something like this.

Or concepts/ideas like this


Just because you don’t know or don’t think that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. Search “hyperplasia” for yourself and see.


Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll make sure to follow through :slight_smile:

Like I said though, I have indeed done some reading about the subject in the past and by the looks of it, anyone thinking it was applicable to bodybuilding in a meaningful way was kind of stretching it. Pun unintended lol.

I might be completely wrong but still, I have yet to see a successful bodybuilder saying that his success is due to muscle hyperplasia. I’ll say this because I have been one of these people: the ones researching this stuff and concentrating on advanced techniques more often than not are also the ones who should be focusing on the basics and they’d get much more out of them than trying to make their muscle cells increase in number.

And by the way my question wasn’t rhetorical, I’d like someone who obviously knows more than me cuz I’m just an idiot explain to me what the difference between a “weighted” stretch and an “unweighted stretch” is in terms of effect.


Of course nobody is going to phrase it like that. The whole idea is that muscle fibres can only get so big, to grow new fibres you need new satellite cells and more satellite cells + training=hyperplasia and more hypertrophy. Greg Nuckols and Borge Fagerli have talked about this, Borge uses myo-reps (which is a form of rest pause training) to get people through training plateaus because it stimulates satellite cell proliferation. He has an article on that on EliteFTS. Steroids do that too, that is why even if someone is natural now the fact that they took AAS in the past gives them an unfair advantage, they have the potential to grow more muscle than if they never took it.

In other words, saying that you are training for hyperplasia is retarded. What you would be doing is trying advanced methods to restart muscle growth because you have been training for a long time and are having a hard time gaining more mass. I don’t know if stretching between sets works, much less weighted stretching, but that’s what some people claim. Rest pause and myo reps have been proven to work, but they aren’t a magic bullet either.


also because it says “weight-lifting exercise in cats”. Trying to find out what exercise it was. I know it’s something lame but can we all agree that they should have gotten the cats to do a clean&jerk?


Ty, I’ll look into that


Well my oldest is home at least I can have him translate what you posted in gym speak for me.


Wtf did I just attempt to and give up on reading. You all keep working out your muscle brain. I’ll stick to picking up heavy obejcts and putting them back down.


I’ve learned and gotten material to learn more from you guys and I appreciate the shit out of all of you!


x2 DO NOT do long stretches on the preacher bench


Saw your log. You’re 15??

Guys we need to back off … he must’ve been training since 1yo to gain such extensive gym experience.
#preschoolgainz brah


I’d missed this one… Apart from the tearing your tendon thing, do you know this is not even how you stretch the biceps?

Try an Incline curl and let me know.


Well that would explain a few of the comments I have seen the young man make in previous post along with point of view on certain subject.