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Weighted Stretching?


Damn it you killed my original theory


I feel like I forgot to quote people, I assumed it did it automatically!


That particular routine is pretty specific and specialized. It might be putting the technique (doing tons and tons of loaded stretches) in front of the goal (big muscles).

Other guys are into stretching the fascia or using loaded stretches diferently. chris mentioned doggcrap. Also check out Hany Rambod and FST-7.


I had no idea someone recently talked about it on this forum, I ran into the technique last night and none of my friends knew what it was so I took to the website! Haha


Yeah I assumed wrongly that you was just a current member whom whipped up a troll account


Using dumbbell pullovers to get a stretch is an amazing feeling.I do slow negatives and hold at stretched position for a couple seconds. Dont know if i gain any muscle from this but certainly better mobility.




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Mobility is good too!


You’ve convinced me to try this and thanks for the links!


I just do it as its own exercise. I might do deads or squats and If I want to do some yoke training than I will do rack pulls.


So you’ll do regular sets than do a separate exercise where it’s just plain weighted stretching? How long do you do the stretch for?


-flappinit, I just got him calmed down! Don’t stir him back up.

-destroyorO, I hope you get something cool out of it.


I might do a 5x5 rack pull with a 5 second stretch each rep really focusing on the traps being pulled down. It is almost like a mind to muscle connection. I really only do weighted stretching on my traps and biceps. For biceps I will do a dumbbell preacher curl with a stretch at the bottom.


Yeah, but you can get hyperplasia without weighted stretching, new muscle fibres will grow anyway. Just once you stall on muscle growth this might be a way to get things moving again. Unless you are plateaued from normal training then this probably isn’t necessary, it’s more of an advance special technique.

Basically, the hypertrophy vs. hyperplasia thing is just splitting hairs, this is just a way to get more growth when it’s hard to make progress anymore, and I also can’t vouch for how effective it is because Doggcrapp training also uses rest pause sets which are supposed to do the same thing. If you are going to do weighted stretching you don’t need to overdo it, and don’t look at that as the one last piece of the puzzle for gains. If you aren’t making progress then you are probably doing something else wrong, unless you have been lifting for decades and are at an elite level.


That’s a good way to tear a bicep, I know a guy who tore his like that.


Im not using really heavy weight. Im also natural so tearing muscles isn’t as much as a problem as long as I don’t ego lift on curls/


The guy who tore his bicep was natural too.