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Weighted Stretching?

So I’ve ran into something that’s new to me and hope someone else here has tried it and played around with the concept, weighted stretching. Or more specifically weighted stretching after every set for a minimum of 30 seconds followed by a drop set, then rinse and repeat 2 or 3 more times.

How were your results from training this way and how important is the drop set? Can I simply keep to my high volume workout routine and just add stretching in after every single set? I attached a link to a more detailed explanation of what it is below.

How ironic

You always leave replies that have me scratching my head, what do you mean by that?

If you are trying to get stronger then stretching between sets is a bad idea, if all you care about is muscle growth then supposedly this will work. I don’t know the exact protocols, but look into “Doggcrapp training” (that was the guy’s user name on some forum and it stuck), some sort of extreme stretching was part of the program. There was also some former bodybuilder-turned personal trainer here in Ottawa that I heard was all into stretching between sets, supposedly it causes muscle hyperplasia (new muscle fibres grow, as opposed to hypertrophy where the fibres just get bigger).

All I can say is follow the guidelines of someone who has already done this and gotten good results, experimenting with stuff like that if you don’t know what you are doing has the potential to end badly.

Because this subject was talked about on a thread this week on this exact same sub forum.
Out of the blue it’s brought up again by someone who just joined today. So I find it ironic

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Ive found weighted stretching to help a lot with building muscle. I think as a natural it will be the best way to build muscle in the traps. I like to do rack pulls for the upper back and traps. If you want to see a transformation look at alpha destiny when he rack pulled 1140. His back and traps were massive.

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Ironic no?

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He put on a little weight and is flexing.


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Like rain on your wedding day.


Like to take bets on the identity of the OP?

How about bets on the “Real” posters who will pop up and say;

I never heard of it
I never tried it
I’ve never even considered anything like it

But there is No Possible Way it works!


For clarification are you specifically lecturing me? I have no dog in this fight regarding the actual concept itself. But I have made my dislike for a certain individual very clear on several occasion. I was making a off handed joke to begin with. I wanted to clear that up before a misunderstanding arose between us.

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No way man, I wouldn’t lecture you.

I was mostly thinking about the young guys. Dudes who would tell you about a lift on Wednesday then ask how to do that lift on a Friday.

Or guys who never lifted for “aesthetics” or “bodybuilding” but who know the best way to do it.


Yeah i just wanted to make sure things were cool between us. Nothing worse than getting into it over a misunderstanding brother :innocent:

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You’re more like my grumpy uncle! I wouldn’t want to argue with you. I have respect for my Elders!

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Smart ass :smirk:

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Well I wouldn’t run this type training program for very long time, maybe 12 weeks, I just want to be a bit bigger faster to make more out of my cycle.

Though wouldn’t hyperplasia create more strength once the new muscle fibers matured?

Ill bet you a $10,000 I know who the OP is…

Have you done them as drop sets or just added stretching to your normal routine?