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Weighted Stretch for Hamstrings?


What is another good weighted stretch for hamstring for gyms that don’t have a machine to do the glute-ham raise hold? Like in the Stretch with weights to build muscle article.


I do them on the Lat Pull Down machine


See 57:20 onwards for a demo. It would probably serve you well to watch the rest of the video too. Along with immediately improving hamstring flexibility, this exercise got rid of my low back tension, after performing it for only one set.

Hope this helps.


Stiff leg deadlift hold (bottom position), making sure that you just on pushing the hips as far back as possible. I recommend elevating the FRONT of your feet by putting the front half of the feet on 5lbs plates.


This is really helpful, thank you.


When doing a loaded stretch for the hamstrings by doing a goodmorning or RDL focus on pushing the hips back NOT on going down low. You want the lower back arched so that it’s the hams that get stretched. I also recommend elevating the front of the feet to get an even better hamstring stretch.




BRUTAL. Just that subtle change. WOW