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Weighted Sled


Im looking to get a weighted sled to help build drving and pulling power for football. anyway does anyone know a good place/site to buy one? How much whould they run me? or could i just make my own i really dont have the largest amont of money sitting around just wondering what the easiest way would be


You can buy a sled, or the prowler (which kinda sounds like something you'd like) from Dave Tate over at EliteFTS.com.


I built my own sled. The part where scap metal from work. I took a piece of flat sheet metal 2'x 2' 1/8' thick. Put it in a vise about 7" in ,and bent it with my own body weight about 45 degrees. Welded a 11/2"X12" pipe to hold some plate and some eye bolt for a 12' tow strap. 4 hours later I was pulling my sled. You might be able to get something like this built for about 50 buck at a welding shop.


Last year when I had access to the field house, I couldn't beleive the amount of sleds they had. All brand new and with single or double harnesses, it was awesome... I need one.


i use a tire i found out in the desert, with rocks and sand inside it to weigh it down, tied to me with bungee cords.

its ghetto but it works


You don't BUY sleds. You either find them or make them. Tires are great.
Skids that bricks or concrete blocks come on are good for use on gravel. Make sure you leave some of the bricks on it for weight.
A old piece of carpet about 4' x 8' folded in have with anything heavy inside works great on grass or indoors on a hardwood floor.



This is the one I made out of PVC pipe.

The sled is made of 1 in. PVC pipe.
The main body consists of 8 in. lengths. (10 pieces, legs and centers)
The center upright is 5 in. tall with two 3 in. lengths connecting it to the center supports.
The front up-slope is 6 in. lengths and the top bar has another two 8 in. lengths.
As you can see in the picture, all the connecting pieces are either 1 in. T or 45 degree angled connectors and the front is a 4-way connector for the chain.

12-8 in. lengths
2-3 in. lengths
2-6 in. lengths
1-5 in. lengths
2-end caps for the rear pieces
PVC glue (this stuff dries REALLY fast so only do one piece at a time)

The chain on mine is ten feet but that is totally personal preference.

$20 dollars in materials

I use it on grass, like I said the glue is really strong and it has held up so far.



How much can that sled hold? I can't imagine being able to near 400+ pounds with it. If you can, I'm going to Home Depot...


I made mine and it is PIMP! If you can weld and cut metal you can build anything.


Not even close to that probably. I use mine for sprints and jogging. I have had around 60 lbs on it though.


I made a sled based on your original picture (I think my dimensions may be different), but used ABS pipe instead. I think that the specs of ABS may make for a better pipe to use when compared with PVC. Seems to cost the same (or less!) as well.

My sled has been used primarily on grass as well, and has held up nicely; it is not worn away at all.

If I make another one, I may attempt to fill the pipes with cement...