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Weighted Sit-Ups

I have been doing roman chair sit-ups, first set with no weights. After watching our local NFL pro doing sit-ups with weight on his chest, I started doing my 2nd & 3rd set with light weight. Is there any reason to do this?

Not to sound like an a-hole…you’re kidding right?

You add weight to add resistence.

Not kidding. While I was working out, the NFL pro from our town was doing sit-ups across a bench with a 45lb plate on his chest. I recently started to ad a light weight on my chest during the 2nd & 3rd set. While considering increasing the weights, I thought I would bring this up for some input.

There are some excellent core and situp related articles on this site, worth a search and a read. The Brittany Spears photos from one article are still in my mind, a CT article I think. ???

I do add resistance, usually with a 45 plate held straight up with my arms, and try to press it to the ceiling, not curling my back when rising. Also do crunches with a rope and cable but my favorite core excercise is “da Squat”. Deadlift and hanging pike are pretty good too. WD

I like using a dumbbell in drop set fashion. when i can’t squeeze out any more reps, i simply drop the weight and rep out til failure. works for me