Weighted Shoes?

Hey Boys and Girls, quick ? I remember seeing a product that you strap to the bottom of your shoes that you could add weight too Any help with that or sim products thanks in advance

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Any help please

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What help do you require?

If you were asking are products like these a good idea the answer is an absolute NO. These devices throw off balance and place additional pressures on the knees which can leed to serious injury. Even ankle weights have the same problem.

If you need to boast the intensity of your work outs in this manner look into buying an Xvest which puts the weight at your midsection and is less likely to throw off your balance and co-ordination.

In addition if you are an aspiring athlete even the Xvest is harmful due to its technical effects on running tenchnique, but for the regular trainee it is fine.

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No Im sorry I was talking about weights that are tied to the bottom of the shoe not to walk or run but designated to do extensions. They look like something a deep sea diver would wear with the weights on the sides. Sorry about not being clear.


Thanks for the clarification the device you described I would also say is pretty much a waste of time. This is because I doubt that any meaningfully muscularture advances can be made using extentions there are probably some uses for leg abductions and adductions but I believe these would be dwarfed by simply doing bodyweight lunges, squats, and single legged deadlifts.

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