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Weighted Ring Dips vs Parallel Bar Dips


I was over at our main office for a training class this week and checked out our corporate gym. They added a couple pairs of rings, dangling from the ceiling.

I've been doing weighted parallel bar chest dips for the past couple months, and I've found I really like them. And then I tried a few dips on the rings and very quickly learned how much I suck at them.

So I'm curious... as a general upper-body mass builder, would I get more out of weighted parallel bar dips, or out of weighted ring dips?

I poked around the web a bit, and didn't really find much of an answer.

I can see ring dips enhancing coordination and balance and stabilizer development, but I'd probably be moving less weight. PB dips (right now) let me focus more on chest vs tricep development, but are missing the lateral stabilization that comes with rings.

Anyone used either/both?


Why not do both? Personally I like both, the rings require much more balance and stablization. The bar allows for a focus on the muscles. Sounds like a win win to me.


I’ve tried both and prefer parallel bar dips for building size and strength because, as you said, you aren’t limited by your balance.

Having said that I always feel a stronger contraction in my inner chest doing ring dips.

I think both definitely have their benefits, but overall I prefer parallel bar dips.

If you want to get the best of both, I think it would be good to focus on parallel bar dips but also do ring push-ups to build up the stabilisers/balance. Then, once you get strong enough, progress to weighted parallel bar dips and bodyweight ring dips. I dunno, just an idea.


Thanks guys.

I like that idea of sticking with the parallel bar dips for strength and size development and using the rings as more of specialization.