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Weighted Push-Ups...

I don’t have access to a gym right now so I’ve been doing weighted push ups by piling weights into my back pack. It’s a nice mountaineering pack so it does a very good job of stabilizing the weight, but I was just wondering if there are any drawbacks to this. Or is there a better way to work out my chest at home? I have one dumbbell and about 200lbs of weights to work with. I’ve also been using the backpack full of weights for dead lifts and overhead presses. lol.

One-arm pushups are pretty good. Good luck with your makeshift workouts… we all need to make due with what we’ve got. Obviously it’s not perfect, but hopefully you can still make progress.

I’ve gained 12lbs in the last few weeks so as long as that keeps up I’m fine with what I have right now. However…One arm push ups don’t seem to hit my chest at all. I feel them in my arms and shoulders (which have both gotten noticeably bigger), but my chest doesn’t seem to have grown at all, so i figured i would give weighted push ups a try.

Has anyone tried weighted push ups before? Did you see any results? My arms have always been big compared to the rest of my body and seem to take over any chest exercise I try to do.