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Weighted Pullups Question


Howdy everybody! I'm new here. I workout in my basement and I do a quite a bit of weighted pullups. However, I use a back pack to hold the weight and it is at the point where its getting uncomfortable. The straps dig hard into my shoulders and this hurts like hell. Being in college, I didnt have the money for a chain belt or a weight vest but I do now. The question is which one do you prefer? I know that I can get a lot of use out of either, and I know that either way I am still using extra weight. But again, which one is more prefered? Keep in mind that I also use extra weight with chest dips. Thanks in advance.


I'd get the weight belt, as it offers unlimited progression. Every weighted vest I seen has some kind of 'limit', but I've seen videos of people strapping 3+ plates for pullups and dips.


Dip belt/weight belt, hands down. That is, for heavy weighted pull-ups, dips and such.

Weighted vests are more useful for weighed push-ups and generally adding some weight to bw exercises where a dip belt doesn't work or messes up your balance, but for the primary stuff stick with a weight belt...


Get a dip belt. They're a lot cheaper and way more versatile.


I would buy the hip squat belt from Ironmind. I've had mine for YEARS now and it's as good as it was the day I bought it. I've had over 300LB's on it no problems. It's also super comfortable and, as the name suggests, be used for belt squats as well as pull ups and dips should you choose to incorporate those into your routine.


if you dont want to spend much money you can use a 4-5 foot length of chain with two clip hooks surrounded in steel pipe insulation made of foam ~$30 from menards.


I found one on Ebay for 34 bucks, and I pretty sure ive seen good ones at Dick's Sporting Goods for cheaper....if that helps.


Thanks for the replys everyone. It looks like I'm gettin the dip belt.


have fun. I got mine from Elitefts and it looks badass. it's ruined the fronts of so many gym tees from where the shirt gets caught in the chain links.

just FYI, if you're on a bulk, progression with weighted movements like pullups and dips can be a little tricky.


This^. I feel like a vag when doing pulldowns as opposed to pullups, but when actively gaining, not only are you gaining weight every week or 2, but usually the size of your meals are larger; for me, this means depending on when I manage to get to the gym, I can be 7lbs over/under then I was last week, making progression less linear then other movements.

Doesn't really pertain to the topic, just something most don't think about, and is good knowledge to have.


Do not buy a harbringer leather dip/pullup belt... they look cool but I had one where all the rivets popped out when I put a 25 on it! They are made in pakistan or somewhere like that and the quality control isn't that great.

Buy one of those ugly plain leather ones... they won't break. APT pro gear sells some nice ones.


I echo getting the hip belt but in the mean time you can supplement your back pack by just holding a dumbbell between your legs. It's really pretty easy, I've used as much as an 85er with no problems. The only problem I could see is if you do sternum pull-ups, a db between the legs makes it very hard to lean back. I does increase the ab work so that's a positive. Now that I think about it, a hip belt might make it hard to lean back too.


i would really enjoy a video of you doing dips with an 85lb held between your leg

that being said, i warm up with two 45 plates, so this tip is not very helpful to anyone who has been lifting regularly for any length of time


Spud Inc. Dip belt from elitefts for like 30-40 bills...I've seen a video of a guy doing pullups with 200lbs attached too it. I have one and you can definitely tell it's real high quality.


The topic is weighted pull ups. I do agree at a certain level some kind of belt will be necessary unless someone combines a vest with just holding a DB between the legs.


I picked up the Elitefts belt a few months ago, cuz some asshat stole the one owned by the gym I go to. That one was perfect. The Elitefts one, is merely sufficient, imo. Shirt ripping happens more with this belt than others I've used, and more importantly, the chain is a lot shorter than other belts I've used. Makes strapping on more then 3 plates more difficult.

This is just a personal preference, though.


it's the only belt I've ever owned but I'd have to agree. I wear the belt first then kneel to chain the plates up but that third plate on is annoying to set up.


Put your shirt over the belt. Problem solved.


Why spend $$$

I use the strap from an old duffle bag. Wrap around the waist and secure the connecting hooks. Mine holds up to 90lbs no problem. They are the steel hooks though.


Lose the original chain. Go to Lowes.