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Weighted Pull Ups


I lost a lot of strength in my squats and pressing lifts since I started to loose fat. I am not too happy haha. I decided to start doing weighted body weight lifts along with my fat-burning routines to gain some "functional" strength.

I do not have a dip belt and plan on using a back pack with weights added in it. The pack I plan on using is a hunting guide type pack that has thick shoulder pads and straps around the chest and waist.

I am sure using a regular back pack would result in injury. Should I be ok with this type of pack?

Another question that is off topic- Are giant sets good for mass and strength?



I use just a strong chain & carabiner from a hardware store rather than a dip belt - much cheaper.


I used to do that with a backpack. Pullups with all my college textbooks in the bag :slightly_smiling:

But I found its much more comfortable wear the bag in the front.

But ideally, use the belt.

Think about where the weight is pulling on your body, you want the shoulders to free for the movement.


That is my experience as well (backpack in front is much better)

When i don't have a dipping belt at my disposal i just use an regular old leather belt and a chain w/ a carabiner or a lashing strap.

On your second question, higher reps per set and higher overall volume is better for building mass, whereas fewer heavy sets and less overall volume is better for building strength. Although it all depends on the individual and many other factors and strength and mass are correlated anyways.


I guess I'll just suck it up and buy a dipping belt.

I ask about the giant set becasue I had a good idea for a routine the other day:

3-4 days a week
Pick 1 heavy compond- DL, f/b Squat, Hang Clean, Bench. 3x3-5

than follow up with a gaint set:

Back Gaint Set- A1 Pull Up, A2 Back Extension A3 Inverted row. (palms out)

Bis/tris Gaint Set- A1 Chin up A2 Dip A3 Inverted row (palms in)

Shoulder Giant Set- A1 Miliatary press A2 Upright row A3 Lat raise

all 3x5-8


i just have someone place a db between my ankles when doing weighted pull ups. i prefer it over a belt because i like to do drop sets and it's great to just let the db fall and squeeze out additional reps. same thing when dipping.