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Weighted Pull Ups?

I recently read Christian’s write up on back exercises and took notice of the weighted pulls. For the past 3 months I have incorporated weighted pulls as my first or second back exercise. I have worked up to 8 pullups medium grip with a 45lb dumbell with semi-strict form. I would like to continue to do pulls till I hit 55 or 60lbs for 10 reps, and I absolutely love doing this exercise. But my question is, is that too long to be doing one exercise without variation? Considering that the back is such a large muscle group.

If you are making steady progress, why change? I wouldn’t fix it until it was broke.

No offense bro, but maybe reading this thread might help:

Time for a new debate

Milk it for all it’s worth.

thanks for your input ike, do you think that this exercise should be before or after deads?

why are you using “semi-strict” form?

Switch it up if you’d like. Wide-grip, hammer-grip, chest-to-bar, supinated, they’re all excellent options. I’m on track to do a few one-arms within a month.

As far as deadlift/pullup order, it’s a question of grip. They work completely different muscle groups except in regard to forearms. I’d do pullups first. Your call.


This is a great exercise, and one I actually enjoy. I like to switch off every couple of weeks and do body weight sets for a few more reps and shorter rest periods. Sounds like you made a great choice by starting this exercise, since your muscles have continued to grow for 3 months. Try using a chin/dip belt. It’s a whole lot more convenient and comfortable than trying to lock a heavy dumbbell with your legs. If you’re already doing 8 reps with 45 lb, you’re doing great! Try keeping reps down to 5 and I’d bet you could pull a 45 and a 25 plate together (on a dip belt) for at least 2 or 3 reps. Keep up the great work.

Uh, how was my response any different than Ike’s?

Depends on what you want to prioritize. Whichever lift you’re looking to bring up more, put it first.

All things being equal, though, I’d use the more compound exercise first. In this case, deads.

I can’t seem to max out on my deads until I’ve done all my other back exercises and am totally warmed up. I wonder how much more I could pull if this wasn’t the case…

If you keep going up, keep it up. When it stops switch it up. My advice is to migrate to a “stricter” form. I am all for cheating but mastering the weight means you can do it with strict form.

Eric Cressey, no offense for pointing you to that article but I figured you just didn’t understand the reason why I was asking the question and Ike on the other hand has 6yrs training experience.

P-Dog: in case you don’t know holding a 45lbs dumbell between your legs while doing pull ups isn’t the easiest thing to do.

KnightRT: Thanks for your suggestions, I forgot to mention that I am doing pulls to the chest or at least the upper pec region(collar bone). The reason for the ordering question was because I ussually go with my hardest exercise first. Great suggestions though.

Nylo: I actually do body weight sets to warm up. Although I have done this exercise before in my training routines, I have never hit this mark. I wish I had a belt man! Next week I am going for 55lbs to see how many reps I can crank out.

Pat: When I say semi-strict form I mean my body isn’t completely still when pulling. I don’t mean “swinging” to get the weight up. For me, strict form would be a completely still upper and low body.

Thanks for all your comments it will definitely help in my training.

What Eric said was exactly the same as what I said. In fact, I was just voicing my agreement.

One: You flatter me, but realize that total year’s training doesn’t necessarily indicate anything. Eric has proven himself, time and time again, to be an excellent poster.

If you want to believe I know what I’m talking about (in this regard), it would be because I have a pretty decent weighted chinup. (BW+100lbs x1) :slight_smile:

Ike, I haven’t seen those previous post you are refering to reguarding Eric and yes training time doesn’t mean shit, but most times it is an idication of how well you know what you are talking about? By reading your numerous posts Ike I know you know your shit which is why I responded to your comment differently.

Thanks, Ike.

One2njoy: to what article are you referring? Based on your 22-set delt blast training post, I’d say that you’re the one who needs to be doing some reading…

Eric, I was refering to Ike’s reference to your numerous posts that prove you know your stuff. If you somehow think I am hating on you YOU’RE WRONG! I said it was an indication and I was wrong to assume. DAMN.
As for your comment reguarding 22 sets, I appreciate your feedback, its not like I do 22 sets every workout and yes I have done my reading on the subject.

No worries. Misunderstanding, I guess…

The stress needs to be changed, not the exercise.


one2njoy-in case you didnt know, if you cant handle the weight with strict form, you cant handle the weight. if you cant do pullups properly with 45, drop the weight untill you find a poundage that you can handle with strict form and work your way back up.