Weighted Pull Ups

So I decided I wanted to be able to do as many pull ups as possible with an additional 10kg and 20kg.

Some stats - 1.65m , 62.5kg.

Max bodyweight pull ups - about 20
+25kg - 1
+20kg - 3
+10kg - ?

How would I go about improving my numbers? I have access to a pull up bar everyday. Thanks in advance

well your after endurance. strap on the weight you want to improve at and stick with it until your happy with the amount of reps you can do. with endurance work you want to make sure you go to failure. you them everyday with 1 to 2 sets a day with at least a six hour gap.

but before you get started make sure you can actually do real pull ups. most people use momentum and when they switch to real pull ups they get maybe 5-6. as with all pulling you want to feel tension and hold that tension for 1-2 seconds.

Ladders. Do a pull up come off the bar, do two pull-ups, come off the bar etc. Can work your way back down the ladder or not depending on your strength levels, time, and what training routine you’re on right now. Start by doing this twice a day and increase to whatever is reasonably possible for you in a day.

I would advise using different hand positioning as well. So do one ladder one way and then another way for the next ladder. I assume you’re on some type of weightlifting routine so on your typical “back” day or however you have it split up. I would say at the most only do one vertical pulling exercise or use that day to go really heavy on the pull-ups. Other than that do alot of horizontal rowing.

One thing that seemed to work well for me and alot of guys on my boat getting ready for PT tests is if you have access to a kettlebell or could use a dumbbell but most people won’t have a single dumbbell lying around in their bedroom or something. Maybe I’m weird for having a kettlebell in my room, but use the kettlebell to do a clean and press then a pull-up using the ladder method.

Using ladders like this we didn’t generally go to failure on our top set. So if we knew we were good for a top set of 10 we’d normally only go to 8. Then 3-4 days later increase it to 9. Once a week or so you can do a kind of test and max out as well. But the idea is to get in as much frequency as possible.

Since you’re going for weighted pull-ups as well you’re going to have factor that in for your progression as well so whatever number of reps you’re trying to get to with a given weight then cut down the reps and add weight.

The advice given is good if you can’t really do pull-ups but since you’re trying to do weighted pull-ups I assume you can already do more than 10, so make sure your form is good but you don’t want to sit there and squeeze for 1-2 seconds on every rep. You want to control your reps sure but that will burn you out fast if you’re shooting for maximum reps.

Obviously this isn’t the only way to do it but I’ve seen it work with alot of people, hope it helps.

What really worked for me was slowing down the eccentric part of the lift, so I would lower my self in about 3-4 second for each rep. I did this with body weight chins for 3 weeks and went from 10 to 15.

Tested my maxes again yesterday

+10kg - 11 reps
+20kg - 5 reps

Now the goal is to get 12 reps with 20kg.

Also, have to add that I’m only able to do one weighted pull up session a day on weekdays but multiple on weekends. The ladders sound like a good idea but what would the weights/rest periods ideally be? It might seem a little weird to do a ladder of just 1, 2 or even 3 reps with 20kg.