Weighted Pull-Ups Program

Hello guys, recently i decided to shift my focus on weighted pull ups as that is an area where i am really lagging.
i went from bodyweight only to plus 20kg, that i consider newbie gains becouse i have never actually train it with focus
after some experimenting training twice a week using ( i am using neutral grip)
A 1-2-3-1-2-3
B 2-3-5-2-3-5

As training more often just killing my elbows

Now i have started to stagnate so i would welcome any advice/recomedation :slight_smile:

thank you

I would say reps are too low. Would be wise to keep the weighted pull-ups to once per week. Make sure the form is good. No point adding weight if you canโ€™t do 10-12 perfect body weight pull-ups