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Weighted Pull-Ups and Dips


Is there any reason I never see anyone suggest wearing a backpack with a weight inside to do weighted pull-ups and dips? Other than the obvious risk that a cheap backpack may rip with too much poundage, does wearing a backpack put your body in a bad position?


It's just easier to use a belt. I've tried different methods and I've found that the higher your center of gravity, as you increase the weight the easier it is to get off balance (especially with dips).


i use a backpack when im at home, belts def easier. weight wont swing into ur back when ur putting it on. also, i dont kip but if u do when doing pullups, i could see that being very painful as well.


I've always used a weighted vest.

Comfortable and not as long as a set up as belts.


It'd be hard to fit a lot of weight into a back pack.


A dip belt would cost less than a backpack (at least a backpack that hold that kind of weight). If you're thinking of using your school bag, it might rip and you'll be paying more for a new backpack than you would have if you just got a dip belt.


Anyway, if you're at level where a backpack can hold the weight that one could hold without substantial risk of it ripping, you might as well hold the weight with your feet. I find it works well so long as you don't go too much above 30lbs personally (positioning and discomfort takes a hold past that point).


I've always just found a chain or dip belt works nice for dips at least. Sometimes when doing pullups, especially when I really bring my chest up, the plates will hit the frame of the pullup stand and it's just really uncomfortable to work with. For dips and generally with wide grip pullups though I'm pretty comfortable just sticking some plates on a chain. I would think that a backpack might be kind of awkward unless you had it seated really low on your back... but even then, might still be awkward. Never tried it, and likely won't because... I got a chain.


lifting belt, carribeaner, a few feet of climbing rope, knowing how to tie a knot, weights. Stuff I found around the house that I use.

Before knowing how to tie a decent knot I did drop a 10lber on my big toe.