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Weighted Pull-up... Anti-Climax


So i was in the gym yesterday and there's a guy who is always there squatin 405, when i say 405 i mean he lowers his his about 4-6 inches then lies on the ground in the squat rack for 10 mins with his legs in the air.

Anyway, yesterday he walks in and grabs a 70lb dumb bell and walks over to the pull up bar.

Proceeds to do 1 or 2 warm up sets. I watch thinkin my self this guy might not be such a helmet if he is guna throw out some bw+70 pull ups.

He finishes all his sets (forehead barely reaches the bar) and put the dumb bell back on the rack.

Much to my disappointment and clarification that the guy is actually a helmet, he was using the 70lb dumb bell as a step up to the bar.

When does it end!


That's nothing. I use 90s as a step up.

Funny though





What did you call me?


Awe that's special, you should advise him that as he progresses he should use smaller DB's so he has to reach more to get to the bar. You could toss in the added benefit that this will also make him taller.


lol ^^^


I use a 30lb dumbbell as a step up to the pull up bar whenever I'm doing weighted pull ups.

I dont want to jump up to the bar with 45-70lbs hanging from my waist.


I can reach the bar, so no step ups for me.


A kid that looks like the pic sat down on an incline bench next to me and did concentrated wrist curls. I almost lost it!


^^ Let Adarqui train his grip all he wants too


Ye but the weight is already hanging from ur waist, not holdin it between ur feet.

Nice dropping in of ur manly weighted pull ups by the way Greg...


Yep, tallf'ag reporting in! How's the air down there, suckas?


Anti-climax: What my uncle was good at.

--George Carlin


Gosh! That's all it takes to make you lose it? Maybe cut back on the roidz so you aren't as likely to rage at something so trivial.


I think he meant "lost it" in terms of laughter, not anger... ?


i think he meant "lost it" in terms of splooging all over himself, not anger... ?


Isn't it great to be a head and shoulders above most people? I've seen 4 people in my area who are taller than me, and two have that gigantism thing. The others are my douchey brother and some old guy from church.


Definitely laughter