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Weighted Jump Ropes Question.

In a weighted jump rope; does the weight come from the rope itself are the handles?
I have countless regular jump ropes for @ home but priced online weighted jump ropes an they cost more than I’d like to pay so I was thinking of making one.

If it is from what acts as the rope itself; what can I use to make it heavier; besides chain.
Hurts a bit if you miss & you whop yourself in the head w/ the chain.


Depends on what you want. To make a good weighted rope first you should get your work dress on and go buy some chain. Ill hold your purse. just kidding. But no really, chain is key IF you are down with the weighted ropes.


That being said I would avoid weighted ropes unless you are in some strange weighted jump rope competition. BECAUSE, weighted ropes only slow your speed down and teach you to be slower. Instead of weighing it down (I used to do) learn to work it faster and get more movements in such as doubles, triples, crossovers and single leg work. You will get more of the benefits of jump rope out of faster lighter ropes with bearings.

The weighted ones will give you a hell of a burning sensation in the wrists and shoulders but not much else. You can develop grip strength in better ways. there is really little advantage to weight in jump ropes but there are innumerable advantages to the speed you can develop.

Get a Buddy lee rope. I got one and ill never go back. It’s actually too fast for me and I can;t jump fast enough to keep doubles going but I can for triples. Go figure


I would argue that a weighted jump rope is good for overall conditioning/cardio. Consider using it in conjunction with a Tabata Protocol type of workout…

Nothing wrong with utilizing the lighter rope for foot speed and the heavier one for conditioning…

why not use a regular rope and use a weighted vest on yourself?

What do you want a weighted rope for anyways?

hmmmm… id say the tabata method is more about max work per interval. I’d say that the fast rope that enables more reps per interval would be more appropriate than the rope that takes more to rotate fast. more reps/second is a tangible way of defining work whereas “this rope makes my thumbs and front delts burn” might not be so good a measure.

But if you want both do it. Id pick the faster one if i had to pick only one. the main function of skipping is to develop speed/agility. developing anaerobic muscle conditioning can be done better in other ways.

But whichever gets you hard is likely the best one,


Check this article out. Everything you need to know about jump rope training.

[quote]LiveFromThe781 wrote:
why not use a regular rope and use a weighted vest on yourself?[/quote]

This is what I thought he meant, too.

I feel like this would be a killer conditioning workout.

Well since posting this I have aquired a cpl of assorted weighted jump ropes.3lb-4lb-5lb.
I find the weighted ropes give more of an endurance kick; to the arms, than an actual weighted vest.
I’ve used a weighted vest countless times before but I was looking for something different.
And yes I do use lighter ropes for speed work.

I want to know how the weighted ones work for you after you use them.