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Weighted Hip Thrust to Increase Deadlift?


i have fairly weak glutes! just wondering if anyone has tried hip thrusts to increase deadlift and if it works?


I did hip thrusts for awhile. My deadlifts progressed naturally, but no faster than typical. I did put good size on my glutes though. I think the good morning has much better carry over. Once I got to 3 plates on hip thrusts I felt like my pelvic bone was getting pulverized and it wasn't worth the damage anymore.


fair play, cheers, yeah my lockout isnt the problem on the deadlift so im not sure if it would carry over, i jus need more power getting the weight off the ground. hip thrusts do look challenging though


They can do wonders for ones squat (they did mine) and maybe sumo pull, but I'm not sure about conventional dead. Try it and see.


I tried them for a while to push my DL numbers, but I really wasn't impressed by the carryover. I eventually was able to get some decent numbers but there was no correlation to my pulling strength. It's probably good for bringing up severely lagging glutes (maybe to re-train them after an injury) but I'd be more inclined to use it as an activation exercise as part of your warm-up to help you get better hip extension. Bear in mind, though, that unless you try it you won't know what the effect is on your numbers. Might work, might not....


If the initial drive off the ground is the problem, lagging quads possibly? This is assuming you are a conventional puller.

If not, my mistake.


x2 Weak glutes typically translates to weak lockout. But that's not your problem.


Reactive strength training would help from off the floor wouldnt it?


I'd rather plow a chick than dry hump a barbell. Maybe your goals are different.



hhahahaa ^. Yeah ill try some speed pulls instead, thanks