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Weighted Hip Thrust & ATG Squat Stretch

I use a barbell pad & place barbell on hip (not abs) when I hip thrust, I will get diahrrea from this exercise whenever I increase the weights (it happens within an hour or so), I usually keep sets/reps & frequency almost the same. I read in t-nation articles it happens if weight rest on abs but it is on my hip it never slide off.
I also get diahrrea, if I do a body weight ATG squat stretch. Those two are essential part of my accessory and stretching routine (I cannot go without them at all).
Is this expected if someone had inflexible and weak hips before? What should I do to correct it if needed?

To me this sounds like a giant red flag. I’ve also never heared someone say they got diarrhea from these exercises?
If you can’t do an exercise due to getting diarrhea, work around it. Use bands instead of a barbell, maybe do stiff legged deadlifts.

I’ll think about it. Thanks

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But in all honesty @wintergirl, I do know of someone with irritable bowel syndrome who has had these problems, for some reason heavy squats cause her to have these problems. Perhaps a visit to your GP and get some tests, it could also be the amount of pressure that is being placed on your core and like any muscle building exercise, start low weight and gradually increase weight over time
Sorry for the flame :+1:

Thanks, I have IBS, it could the cause. My GP thinks continue with exercise, it’s sensitive IBS.

Yep it would 100% be that then.

Heads up though, if you know of any medical conditions that you have and ask for advice on those specific areas
eg - knee pain when squatting, and you’ve had a knee replacement
then it may be wise to mention that because it saves a complete clusterfuck of a thread that didn’t really need to happen.
Good luck with your treatment

Just wanted to make sure I was going about it right since my GB does not think it was induce by exercise (abdominal external wall is not in any way linked to internal organs, even pressure on it won’t affect digestion in anyway). So it shows that what you say is a clusterfuck of nonsense lol. Sorry it happens.