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Weighted Hip Streches

I read on a number of articles on T-Nation that it is a good idea to do weighted hip stretching, such as occurs in the Bulgarian Split Squat. I have several questions on this:

Why is weighted hip stretch a good thing? I get some aspects of it, but how does it help?

Would this work just as effectively with regular deep Split-Squats?

And is it a problem if you use heavy weights doing it?

I would not say I am using heavy weights per se, I have been using the split-squats to for half a dozen reasons at least, but I am using only 95 lb dumbbells for sets of 4x12, and I imagine I could use 130 before I would reach failure on such a scheme, but perhaps it is nonetheless too much for the hip flexors? My hips feel pumped right now and I wonder if they should.

Thanks guys.