Weighted GPP

I don’t have a wheelbarrow and there are no monkey bars in my area. What else can I do for Weighted GPP. I need help BADLY.

Read the GPP article by Dave Tate and make a sled.

Farmer’s Walks, Sandbag Lifts, Truck pushing, Rope pulling

There are countless things you can do if you just get creative. Use dumbells for your farmers walk instead of a wheelbarrow, do some sled dragging, walking lunges for distance, walk around with a loaded barbell,carry a heavy bag around, throw a heavy bag around, tire throwing, woodchopping, tirechopping, car pushing, keg lifting, rock lifting. That oughta give you a few good ideas!

As noted Sled work is tremendous or you can do simple things like farmers walks. The bigger question is decided what is your personal goals. Since you are an young aspiring bodybuilder there may be things that can be done to address those desires. I look forward to hearing from you and please do not hesitate to contact me directly. In faith, Coach Davies

You can also do farmer’s walks with dumbbells or other objects. You can make your own sandbags and do a variety of sandbag lifts, you could purchase some kbells, do as TEK said and make a sled, etc. There are many things you can do!

Why don’t you just go buy a wheelbarrow? They aren’t that expensive. Like my boy Nate said KBELLS BABY!!! Also get and read Dinasour training. There are a lot of good ideas in that.

Go to a construction site and get some empty pallets and then attach a rope to it and there is your sled.