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Weighted GPP and fitness

Hi coach…I can’t find the old post you were helping me on. It was the hardgainer with a tendency to put on fat rather quickly. You told me to incorporate more fitness work.You asked me what stuff I have for weighted GPP. Well Ihave 600lb in olympic weights. 2 45lb olympic bars. A swiss ball…a wheelbarow… a tire(I think …somewhere ) and a couple large stones. Also you helped me out with stretching program a few weeks ago and it has been going good(some soreness though… new to efrom stretching) when do you usually have your athletes stretch?..Thank you so much for your help…I really appreciate it…Mike

Sounds like I should be coming over your place to train. Give your equipment why not start simple with the wheelbarrow work. There will be some trial and error but I suggest you start pushing a weight for 60% of the maximal time(ie if you could push it for 8 minutes without failing). Start at 5 minutes and gradually work up time in a wave like pattern but dont increase the weight. As far a stretching, the concern is always an individual case - I prefer using a dynamic series of stretches and following with a long static stretch post workout. However - this must be individualized as you need to consider factors such as injuries or training history. I hope that helps and glad to hear you are working on the flexibility. In faith, Coach Davies

Coach Thank you very much for your help. What days should i Do the wheelbarrow walk on. My routine is going to look like this starting my next phase. Mon (all exercises 6x4) Bent over row, weighted Dips, Push Press, clean or snatch
Tues will be a higher rep day for back shoulders and chest,different exercises prob in the 8-12 range …18 total sets. Wed-abs(power wheel, full contact twist,reverse crunch) rest. Thurs(6x4) Squats, Deadlift, barbell curls, close grip bench presses. Fri- same as tuesday only the exercises will be for quads, hamstrings and arms. Sat-rest. Sun-abs(swiss ball crunch, russian tiwst, saxon side bend) rest. What do you think?Also even though I am trying to gain…do you think I would benefit from some sprints, light rope work or cardio(like jogging on treadmill) Thanks very much for your help…Mike


I like your general program exercises but just find possibly the structure difficult. Combining movements such as Saxons on Sunday, Push Press / Cleans on Monday and virtually all upper body work on Tuesay would be difficult. The same applies to your schedule at the end of the week. I think with a little juggling you can find an easy solution though. If you use wheelbarrow work it should be done submaximal approx 3 times a week. Find a weight that is basically an load you can handle for 8 minutes - then perform for 5 minutes and slowly buildup in a wave like pattern over 6-8 weeks. I will be happy to discuss more. In faith, Coach Davies

I think i understand what you are saying coach. Do you think I should combine exercises from Mon and thursday’s workouts(like a mix and match)? I am basically following john Berardi’s program from the creation of a T-man article…but i subbed in some of my own exercises.For the wheel barrow wave do you mean to do like 5 min( i underdstand the 60 % concept to start off with) and then on the next day do something like 3 min and back to 5…and then progessively build each day every following week? Also when your athletes are looking to gain muscle mass do you still sprint and incorporate rope work. I was thinking of adding an interval type sprint session once or twice a week to keep fitness levels up. Thanks coach…your willingness to help is very much appreciated. hope to hear from you soon…Mike


You have the wheelbarrow work correct - take your time with it and build up gradually. As far a your exercise selection, I think you need to revise or to the original intention of the program. Given the amount of core work you are doing plus the weighted gpp, a 3 day schedule highlighting your weakspots may be appropriate. With regards to speed work of an athlete/with hypertrophy goals - you oddly just answered the question yourself. Muscular growth at the expense of speed and agility is a dangerous road for an athlete to take. I look forward to hearing from you. In faith, Coach Davies

Hi coach, I understand what you mean with the sacrificing speed/agility for muscular gains. When you say highlighting weaknesses,is this done through 3 whole body routines?.Or should I change some of the exercises I am using? The plan I gave you is part of a periodzed plan i drew up and lasts four we.the next pase is an 8x3 phase…with 3 days a week of lifting. Like I said my primary goals are physique wise with strength also a very high priority(as I feel they play on each other)…and athletics not to be sacrificed. Hope to hear from you soon coach…thanks in advance …Mike

I’m not sure of your position on anabolics,but provided you are not ardently opposed to them, I wonder if you think it is possible to use a product like MAG-10 to improve speed and agility? Or, do you think muscular weight gain would negatively affect these things? My primary interest is in becoming more coordinated, faster, and stronger. I have refrained from preordering MAG-10 because I’m unsure how my athletic performace would be impacted. Thank you in advance.
Mike A.

I left off a very important detail. Aerobic capacity and endurance are a huge part of the demands of my sport. The sport, believe it or not, is called Ultimate Frisbee and the physical demands of the game are similar to soccer. Thanks again.-Mike A.

if possible, let me get back to you shortly regarding my unbiased opinion on this topic. I have been highly pleased with BIOTEST products I have sampled to date but want to give an honest opinion. In faith, Coach Davies

Coach…just wanted to let you know that Mike A is not the same as me…You probably saw this but just in case, its easily overlooked at a quick glance. I responded to you above. Hope to hera from you soon… thanks alot…Mike

Mike - It really depends upon what the purpose of your training is. If I recall correctly have described yourself as a bit of a “hardgainer”. I think that three weight sessions per week along with some weighted GPP and Med ball work to assist in recovery might assist. However, you really need to decide what your primary goal is. Sorry it took so long to respond - lots of travelling. In faith, Coach Davies

I’ll stand by. My curiosity was piqued when I read the following statement by you,“Muscular growth at the expense of speed and agility is a dangerous road for any athelete.” Thanks again in advance. Mike A.