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Weighted Dips Without a Machine


Hi this is probably a really stupid question- but I did search for it, but there are too many dip mentions to go through all of them. I just would like to know how you can do weighted dips without a dip machine, do you guys have any good ideas??


1) Power Rings and a dip belt


2) Behind the back dips with a friend loading weights on to your lap


DO NOT do option #2. it just simply isn't the same. Learn to put a dumbbell between your legs if you don't have a dip belt.


Hold a dumbell between your feet or thighs.

Hook a dumbell onto a lifting belt.

It's not too hard to think of ways to do this.


I think he's saying he doesn't have anything to hold on to while dipping.

I've heard of someone using 2 chairs next to eachother, but I'd think the chairs would fall twards eachother (up on 2 legs) unless you weighed them down with something.

In the Navy I used 2 bunk-beds that were next to eachother, but those were heavy duty and there was no chance of them leaning to either side.


I push 2 benches together and put dbs on the one that my arms are on,I dont put the weight in my lap cause I have no spotter.And El Animal can u explain how its different?(besides the angle,or is that what you mean?)


I don't get what the bumbell is doing on the bench or how you're adding resistance.

If you're talking about putting your feet up on the other bench, then that is a lot different than regular dips.

It would take your chest out of the movement a whole lot more, and I heard that it puts a lot more stress on the shoulders (being pulled back so far).

That way would hit the triceps more, where as doing regular dips you can keep your torso up for working your tris more or lean forward and get your chest involved more.


right on!!


I used to do dips on the kitchen counter, where they formed a 90-degree angle. Or, if that's not an option, two bar stools worked very well. Just make sure they are stable.


I use two steel chairs. I gotta bend my legs, but that's the only real down side. They don't lean towards each other at all. So far so good! (knock on wood)


They are keeping the one my arms are on from tipping over,I put 60-70lb dbs on the legs.

And I figured the angle was probably what made it so different.


That is what I thought he meant and you hit it on the head. Thanks.


I dips at home with three chairs (one for my feet and one for each hand)and a dumbell in a backpack. I use a chair for each hand so that my weighted backpack doesn't hit the chair when I descend.


The teacher / student solution. Am currently the former, was previously the latter.

In your classroom: Put 2 desks / tables / chairs of the same height a little more than shoulder width apart. Do dips.

For extra challenge: Load your backpack with heavy textbooks. Stack desks, climb up, and do dips whith a chair or some classroom object between your legs (a moderate sized plant works well for this).

For variance: Do un-even dips, do dips with fists, fingertips, or the sides of your palms. If the ceiling to your classroom is high, show off by doing dips between the door and the doorframe (or if there are double doors, have the doors both slightly opened, climb up by putting your feet on the doorknobs, and do dips but be careful!).

I can think of about 20 other ways easily how to do dips in the classroom but I feel I've said enough. Be creative and have fun!

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