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Weighted Dips Form

Hello coach, i’ve read your recent artices on Dips and it seems you’re a big fan.

For some reason, weighted dips has never felt as natural for me (despite being pretty good at more advancd BW stuff).

I can do moderate weight/higher reps or bodyweight just fine. But if I try to take it in the ~3 rep range, like use it as a main compound movement in lieu of bench, I don’t get that “explosive”/performance feel.

And worse always feel it in my anterior delt.

Do you have any videos of you doing heavy weighted dips (on bar, or even on rings)? Especially as weight goes up, do you still keep feet in front of body (assuming chest focus). And preferred way to hold heavy DB (if no weight belt)?

I weigh ~150. I dip with 90s (so more than 50% bodyweight) x 5-10 reps and start feeling it in shoulders, anything heavier definitely feel some danger. Ironically, i can do ring dips with no shoulder issues, and better pec stimulation. But the instability reduces my rep count (and top weight).

I’ve watched many videos of dips. The one you had in your article was bodyweight, and he looked fine (shoulder in socket, lats flared/shoulder blades pinched back). But in almost all weighted dips videos, the form does not look like that.

The movement can’t physically be like a bench press because your body is so vertical…you’d have to lean forward tremendouly, and tuck the knee to get your upper torso parallel to the bar (like a planche dip) to mimic the bench right?

Thanks for any tips