Weighted Dips First Rep

Hello CT,

Could you please share some insight on the following.
I recently (1-2 months ago) started doing loaded dips with extra weight. Before that I normally didn’t do any dips.
I do them either with a dumbell between my legs or I use a dip weight belt. I use between 100 and 200 lbs additional weight for 3-10 reps, multiple sets, however most of the time the first reps especially the first one are very hard and the 3/4/5/6/7 rep start to get more easier. Even with a weight I can do more than 10 sometimes the first rep feels very unstable and crushing.
Is the reason for that my nervous system or do the next reps get easier because of stored energy and stretch reflex?

Are you starting the dip at the bottom (bent elbows) or top of the movement (straight elbows)?

Good question, with over 50kg I start with arms extended and with 50kg I use the Dumbell between my legs and start from the bottom (arms bend). (The bottom up start is of course very hard because it’s like a dead stop bench like you know)

You likely are not creating enough tension at the start. Your body uses the first rep to establish muscle tension

Okay thank you will test it.

same thing happeens to me… i think it happens cause we tend to shorten the ROM, in the first rep elbows are totally extended but after that we never get to that fully extended position.