Weighted dips/chins

I need some advice on adding weight beside purchasing a belt. My Gold’s doesn’t have one and I have never seen anyone do weight assisted work, so I guess there isn’t the demand. For the last couple of years I have been placing a dumbell between my ankles.

Check out you local Sports Authority. If you can weight<;)> awhile check out Power-Systems.com. Best of Luck.

I was able to pick up a cheap but heavy duty leather lifting belt at Walmart for $10 (I don’t normally use a belt), then went to hardware store and bought 3 feet of middle weight chain and a spring loaded snap for less than $5. The lifting belt had a good heavey duty buckle and attached the snap to buckle and both ends of the chain to snap after threading the chain through a 45# plate - works great for chins and dips and cost less than $15. If you happen to lift with a belt, (I don’t), all you need is the chain and snap.

Try putting a dumbell between your lower thighs, just above your knees, and then squeeze your knees together and cross your lower legs. This works better than holding a weight between your ankles. Or, alternatively, you could get a really cheap chin/dip belt online or make your own.

A back-pack is an easy solution.

The dumbbell between the ankles will get old when you start adding some serious weight. Buy a belt; it will be worth it for all the use you’ll get out of it.

cut down a piece of tow- rope until its about 5 feet long, and use it to tie the weights to your belt. if you can’t tie fancy knots that can be released with one yank (for strip sets), then just make sure you tie it 3 times to prevent the weight slipping out.