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Weighted Dip Help


whats the best workout for weighted dips?
heavy weight and a few reps
or less weight and more reps.
I wanna get jacked!




Yes. Dips are great, but they are not a staple. Don't ask people on the Internet what works for you, try it out and see. If you want to "get jacked!", see above quotation.


I personally use heavy weighted dips for strength purposes, and I go in the <5 rep range most of the time. I'll usually bang out 30 with just one plate at the end as a burnout set. I'd say if you want to get jacked, do the same thing you'd do for other exercises, maybe in the 7 to 10 rep range.


You can't design an entire program around one exercise like the dip. That just isn't how things work. What are your stats: age, height, weight, how long have you been training, what else are you doing in the gym?

Very generally speaking, to get "jacked" (as in, to train for size), you want a moderate volume with fairly heavy weights. 4x6, 4x8, and 3x12 are some rep ranges you could experiment with. But dips certainly shouldn't be the only exercise you're doing.

But keep in mind, dips are one exercise that not everybody is suited to. If you have any history with shoulder issues, I'd scratch them off the list. There are other options for getting a jacked chest.


i didnt say this is the only exercise I do, or call it a staple... I was wondering what people with more experience in the weighted dip area had had success with. And i said to get jacked so someone wouldnt ask "well it depends on what your training for"

I'm 18
6 feet tall
200 pounds
training for 5 years


How to get jacked:

Do the opposite of what you've been doing for the past 5 years to wind up at 200lbs at 6 foot.