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Weighted Crunches Video?


There seem to be so many different videos showing a weighted crunch, from just raising your shoulders off the bench to sitting all the way up, some with a straight rigid back and others letting the back round. Anyone have a video of which is the correct form? Or a description?


The correct form is not to do them at all. Anti-rotation, anti-flexion, anti-lateral flexion is everything you need for core training.


Theres so many conflicting opinions. Even guys like Wendler perform crunches so im assuming there must be a way to do them safely. Then again, other names say not to do them. Stick to just planks/side planks, etc? What about ab rollers, hanging leg raises, side bends? Cheers for any info!

-would still like a description/video of somebody that performs weighted crunches- :slightly_smiling:


Ab rollers would fall under anti-flexion-ish (though technically you are resisting hyperextension...not flexion), and I'm pretty sure hanging leg raises would as well if they're done correctly. They both recruit your abs for core stability. The problem with a weighted crunch is your adding external loading to a lumbar spine in flexion, which is a recipe for disc herneation (think squats with rounded lower back.) Granted, it is not nearly on the same level of risky, but overtime after enough repetitions that risk steadily increases. If you do come across a good vid of weighted crunches, make sure you do them with a neutral spine.


i think the safe thing would be not to train them


^This. Ab rollers are great - but most people are too weak to preform them correctly. Why do you want to do weighted crunches? What is your reasoning. Watch Boyle's FSC 3 - he has an excellent core progression in his dvd set that I use with a lot of clients.

Many different core exercises that don't require flexion or rotation.

Side Planks
Palof Press
Kneeling Palof
Half kneel cable press
Half kneel cable pull
Stability ball rollout
Ab roller - After you have mastered the SB rollout.

That's just a few, with no crunching at all. Ever since I took crunches out of my programming a couple of years ago, there has been a lot less back pain at the Studio.