Weighted Chins/Pulls Clusters Viable?

Evening Coach! Apologies in advance if this has been asked. Is much of the benefit from chins/pullups from doing them unbroken (apart from grip)?

I started running a push/pull/legs 3on 1off and I replaced the 2nd pull day’s deadlift with weighted chins. I’m currently @ +45 for 4. What I started doing was cluster sets of 2 reps (10-20ish seconds between clusters) for a total of 6-7 per set.

Am I defeating the purpose of chinups? Generally wasting my time? Thanks in advance!

If you’re trying to do weighted pull-ups, the approach you suggested is conducive to adding more weight to your pull-ups. If you’re trying to do lots of BW pullups, your approach isn’t the optimal one. I don’t know what “the purpose of chin-ups” is, but I know that low rep weighted sets helped me get to repping +90 lb pull-ups, and high rep bodyweight reps got me to doing 20+ reps.


Yes they are viable, CT had me doing them last month so… but it was clusters of 1 for a total of 5-6 reps per set

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Ty both. I’ve never done chins for this low of reps. I’ma keep pluggin away!