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Weighted Chin PR's

What are your weighted chin pr’s with bodyweight included? I weigh 225 and have done 3 reps with a 45=270x3

Curious what others can do on this lift as well. Thanks in advance

I weigh 170 lbs and can do 2 reps with
50 lbs attatched (220 lbs for 2 reps)

i weigh 160 and can do 5 reps with 50lbs. 160+50=216

BW: 180 + 90lbs x 3 = 270x3

210lbs now and 90(2x45) for 3 , usally onyl use 55 and hit 6-7 range

I have done 145@~187 for one rep for a total of 332 last week. My goal is to do two times bodyweight and then 400.

200BW plus 50 for 3 sets of 4

Are you guys training weighted chins multiple times a wk to hit such huge numbers? Im training back 3xwk doing either pullups, chinups or rows, so I hit the weighted chins 1xwk. Thanks for your responses.

BW 200, 45, 5x5. Actually hurt my elbow doing these not too long ago… anyone else have a problem with this?

My PR was set last summer. At 195lbs I did 105 for a single and 90lbs for a triple. I know, I’m a bad ass. Kidding folks, just kidding, I’m average among T-Nation.

i hit the chin/pullups/rows twice a week.

one day i will do weighted chins, then rows.

Another day i will do weighted pullups, then bodyweight rows.

My best chinning session included working up to 8 reps 30 kg, 5 reps 40 kg (this was my 5 RM) and finally 3 reps 45 kg (3x100 lb) (this was my 3 RM). My bodyweight is 70 kg (154 lb).

My routine includes chins/pullups ones a week and lots of other pulling exercises during the rest of the week. At the moment I’m using upper/lower split and training 6 times a week mostly it’s just heavy basics (3-4 movements/session) such as power clean, power snatch, push press, squat, front squat, deadlift variation, dips, chins, bench press and rows.

When I weighed 180 lbs, I accidently did three reps with 105 lbs (three 35’s, I thought I had three 25’s!)

I’m really impressed by some of your posts, especially you guys over 200lbs BW.
I’m at a BW of 300lbs and just doing that is a challenge, so weighted chins are out of the question.

BW=160, best at +80lbs is twice, so 240x2.
My chain boke the other day in the middle of one of these reps. Shitty old bike chain.

BW (180) + 45 lbs.= 225 lbs. for 6 reps

105# for 3 x 3, at BW of 200ish, so total of 300ish for 3 x 3.

BW of 213…120Lb. DB for 2.

I can get my chin above the ape hangers on my harley. does that count??

BW:230lbs 3 reps with 110

Cannot press for shit!