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Weighted Calisthenics

I was just wondering if anybody knew of a way to do weighted pushups. Right now I’m just putting weights in a plastic bag and wrapping it around my neck to keep from slipping, but that’s neither safe nor comfortable. Are any of these pushups bands effective? I also don’t have access to dip bars, so I have to do bench dips. Is there an effective way to weight these besides just putting weight in my lap? Finally, what types of (reasonably priced) dip belts would you recommend, or would it be possible to make my own?

Fill a backpack with weights and you now can do weighted push-ups. Also, if you have access to a Smith machine, you can set the low end bumpers at a level so that you can slide underneath and with the bar across your back, do weighted push-ups.

T-mag reviewed one of those push up band things in their Stuff We Like column a while back - it wasn’t the latest column though but one of the older ones. You can find it in the previous issues section.

The backpack is a good suggestion. I would also add that the king of bodyweight pushing exercises has to be a one-armed push-up(not that I can do a strict one!) Work up to those. As far as a cheap weight belt, go to a army surplus store and get some cheap nylon or similar rope, and tie weight to that. You could tie it so that you can change the weights easily if you were a boyscout. Hope this helps. Jeff

Weighted push-ups hmmm. Maybe you can have someone sit on your back and see how that goes. Kidding. But weights resting in the middle of your upper back would be good because the weight will line up directly with the line of push involved in the push-up.

For small amounts of weight, a fanny pack, set loose and worn across teh chest (with the weights on the back) would work. Also, before I bought a dipping belt, I used a rope with loops on both ends. I just threaded it through the weights and through my leather lifting belt for a make-shift dip belt.