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Weighted Calisthenics, Morning Training, and Spine Health?

Hey because of my job i can only train early in the morning like an hour or hour and a half after i wake up or early evening. i have way more energy in the evening but i tend to produce way too much cortisol and evening training in the evening makes me have a lot problems with sleeping. now my question is can i do weighted pulls and dips that early, will it put a strain on my spine? i’ve read a lot about weightlifting early, about how your discs are not prepared for that, but i don’t if it applies to calisthenics. can someone help with this

Honestly I don’t think this should even be a differentiating factor when looking at AM vs PM training. Maybe, MAYBE, you will be a little stronger PM training because of some disc compression during the day, but its not something so huge that AM lifting suddenly becomes unsafe.

This looks like an example of a small piece of data being ridiculously sensationalised. Don’t worry about it.

Secondly, if you’re talking about dips and pull-ups, even if your discs were, for some reason, glass before 12 noon, neither of those are loading your spine. Go for it.

Our discs absorb spinal fluid while we sleep. That’s why people are taller first thing in the morning. This fills them up and makes them “stiff”. We’re actually at more risk for an injury when we first wake up. It doesn’t mean that we can’t train; we just have to pay attention and warm up properly.

I can feel a legit difference between my 5am sessions and any other session. My spine actually hurts when I jog my warm up lap. I still squat and deadlift though.

@daracv, if you’re waiting 60-90 m inutes after you wak up then you don’t need to worry about that. And as Pinky said, the exercises you mentioned aren’t risky anyway.

This is difficult to quantify.

But most importantly,

These are not compressive exercises. They are the opposite.

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