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Weighted Balls (Medicine Ball)


Does anybody use them?

I am thinking of buying one. It seems like it would be a good way to work some muscles in a different way. And maybe a good warm up.

How heavy should they be for a reasonably strong healthy male. I know that is a pretty general question. But since I don't know much about them, I don't want the equivalent of the little pink ladies weights.

I saw one for about $40.00 at a local sports store.


I use one. It's a 12 pounder that cost me about $45.

Ross Enamait has a lot of shit on how to use them, as it's a big tool for fighters to use because of the explosiveness you can develop.

I love it.


Thanks I will check that out.


I use them for push-ups. Great for the stabilizers. I use much smaller ones, 4-6 lbs.

My gym had a mrdicine ball bouncer. Like a small trampolene that sets on an angle so you can exercise by yourself. I think it would cost more than $40.