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Weighted Backpack


I bought some dumbbells with attachable weight plates but now I'm too used to it. So I was wondering if I put the weight plates in a backpack with two other dumbbells and squat that way if it would mess up my back or something. I'm only squatting 80 right now since I just started but if I put everything together it would be 90. And I'm holding the backpack in front of me with the straps on not in the back like youd typically use it. But since it pulls me forward a bit I dont know if that would misalign my back or something in the longterm..



Awesome.. thanks. I had a feeling its been done before but figured Id ask since you guys are more experts then me lol


No problem, just keep in mind that the same mechanics apply as the bb squat, you're going to try to stay as upright as you can and not round your lower back at the bottom position. Good luck on your training