Weighted Abs Good or Bad?

Hi, i would like to ask u, if weighted Abs are good or bad for the back and the perineum, i heard some peoples talking about that a long time, so i would like to know, if is good or not to inclued somes Weighted Crunch rope or with disk

Also if u can show me your routine for Abs/core, like that i can have some inspiration and idea, thank

** i Will try to do that also in the morning when i wake up**

They are good.

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?? dont think this means what you think :yum::roll_eyes:


Weighted abs good.


For aesthetic training I stopped doing abs a long time ago, other than practicing stomach vacuums.

When (if) street luge racing season comes around I like to do one set of a combination crunch on a decline bench. Basically one “rep” consists of: crunching forward, then a crunch twisting to the leg, then another crunch forward, then a crunch twisting to the right. It’s also important to fully release the abs and extend the torso between each rep. I go until my abs are about to cramp; afterwards I have to be very careful when bending over because ab cramps suck. Lately I’ve been able to get about 12 reps (48 total crunches). I literally only do this to work on abdominal endurance for racing.

Beyond that: I’ve tried all the different ab exercises and I hate them all.

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How did u work the vacuums, i post a video of vacuums, is a good way to train ?

Aha i dont like so much Abs, but my stomach is a bit out, even if iam not " fat" so i dont understand , i am not fat and i dont have a flat Belly, so maybe it is because i didnt work my stomach core (plank…) And vacuums or it is because i dont train my Abs ?

Your abs work for the street luge racing season, how much did u do that by week, if u have a video of the exercices that u do, i will be grateful, iam not a native speaker, i want to be sure to understand


Sure. It’s a fairly basic exercise and the more you do it, the better you’ll get. I try to practice vacuums every day while practicing posing.

As far as crunches go, since I really don’t like them I only do one set a week. I find that this is enough and maybe even too much as my abs get a lot of secondary activation through heavy weightlifting every day.

Making your abs visible mostly comes down to nutrition and getting lean.

Since I never really answered your original question: doing weighted abs exercises shouldn’t hurt you and you can do them if you want. A lot of people do weighted abs exercises. I used to do them in the past, but since I don’t like them and want to keep my waist as small as possible I no longer do them.

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Really Thank, u give me a lot of information, did u see something change when u work the vacuum ? Your breathing and, how to say, your stomach stay more " flat " ?

I know that the most important is the diet, but for get the V shape, train oblique heavy a bit, help to make this V shape no?

U do a split ?

Weighted abs a good. But I herniated my belly button doing ab rollers with a 45lb plate in my back, so don’t do weighted abs in extension like that, lol.

Stick to cable crunches or weighted leg raises.

Ahahah sorry thank for the advice, u are crazy ahahahz Ab rollers with 45 lb plate, i dony like this exercise yo much pressure on the back

Neither. Some combination of your diet and training isn’t where it should be.

Combination of my diet and training? Can u explain me please, thank;)

This V-shape, also known as Illiac Furrows, “Adonis Belt”, 'Apollo’s Belt" and “Cum Gutters” is largely visible due to a combination of low bodyfat percentage and genetics.

I would not recommend doing weighted oblique exercises as they will only serve to make your waist wider.

she’s referring to overall bodyfat levels.
-Most people underestimate just how much fat you have to lose before fully revealing your abs

Yes but why training?

And i talk no exactly just about the faf, when ur stomach is “out” even i uf have just a bit fat or nothing, i don’t know how to say, but that is less when i train a bit plank, the stomach seems “out” but with train plank less, hope u understand haha

These 3 exercises are the “McGill Big 3.” Instead of working your six pack muscles they train your posture so your belly doesn’t stick out.

This video is in English, so I’m not sure how helpful it will be.

I found a video in French, but I can’t directly link it. If you search for
" Medisport Physio, facebook, McGill Big 3" you’ll find a woman explaining everything in Frances.

Ok ok thank for that, my belly, i got a new word is good, belly i nice word

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Fine then do planks, …you’ve answered your own question.

You’re overthinking -Get down to true Sub 10% bodyfat, 8% even. See what it takes, and then worry about this.

Ok ok ^^ thank, for the moment i just want to gain mass slowny so will see after

i find it, thank again and i find that also The McGill Big 3 for Core Stability on SquatUniversity

so stretching-abs-plank-gillbig -vaccuum will be my way of life aha, just will look how organize that

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