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Weight x Reps x.0333 + Weight Formula with High Reps

I was wondering if this formula is accurate for High Reps above 10 reps?
On my 5 3 1+ week I got 180x9 reps on my 1+ set. Now on my following cycle with my 5+ set it says I should do 165x13 reps to beat the max of 180x9 and set a PR. Just wondering if I’m getting too high of reps or if this formula will keep working as I continue to get higher reps.

I’ve never looked at my plus sets this way. I use the formula to get an idea of what my estimated max is based on my set - generally I find it to be with 10-20ish lbs of my actual max (except for squat, where the estimate is usually higher).

For plus set goals, I have a table in my logbook with my rep PRs for all the weights I use. Every time I write out the day’s work I check the table and set my plus set goal as one or two reps higher than the current rep PR at that weight (or closest weight to my plus set I have a rep PR for).

I keep a spreadsheet with my calculated maxes by week. Each week when I calculate my maxes and enter them, I see the trend. If it’s not going up, I don’t freak out, I just reflect on my sleep and eating habits and consider making adjustments.

The formula isn’t as accurate with higher reps (I’ve read), but that just makes sense - a three rep max is going to be a lot closer to a 1RM than a 23 rep max. Since it’s not “accurate,” I wouldn’t get too preoccupied with it.

Also, as you move into later cycles, and your training maxes go up, your reps on plus sets are going to go down, so it won’t be an issue until you re-set.

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Or they may not, which has broadly been my experience over four cycles except for bench.

How many cycles? Have you had to reset. You have my attention.


Just finished cycle four (running four week cycles). No, I have not had to reset.

Here are how my plus sets have panned out so far (I’ll list each week one to three as x, y, z to save time):

Cycle 1 (BBB)
Press 11, 8, 8
DL 7, 7, 1 (had pretty much no sleep before week 3 DL)
BP 9, 6, 5
Squat 10, 8, 8

Cycle 2 (BBB)
Press 10, 7, 7
DL 8, 7, 5
BP 8, 7, 6
Squat 10, 9, 8

Cycle 3 (FSL AMRAP set)
Press 10, 7, 6
DL 7, 6, 4
BP 6, 5, 4 (started dropping bodyweight this cycle)
Squat 9, 9, 7

Cycle 4 (FSL multiple sets)
Press 9, 7, 5
DL 7, 6, 2 (again DL week 3 on poor sleep)
BP 7, 4, 4 (BP after DL week 2)
Squat 10, 11, 6

So, granted there is a kind of downward trend but it isn’t massive.

@Zach11 I put a lot of it down to having a definite goal to shoot for.

This makes sense to me - I think Wendler says that it typically takes seven to eight cycles before he has to reset, and he has talked about five forward, three back to avoid missing reps.

I also think the FSL and Joker sets (working up) contribute to keeping the plus sets consistent/delaying the reset.

@Zach11, sorry for hijacking a little bit, but I think it’s related to your situation.

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