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weight watchers forum... good for a laugh

ok, I just ran across the weight watchers message board. If you want some good laughs go check this out. Such in depths questions addressed are:
Is popcorn a carbohydrate?
I literally don’t eat any fat at all. Is that bad?
I can’t stop eating. What should I do?



oops forgot the url:

I went there and looked at a sampling of 10 posts and it doesn’t look like a horrible board. It doesn’t have all the info this one has, but the responses were longer on average than here (probably has to do with having more female posters, as females are more vocal - I’m worried that with the advent of posting pics in the off-topic forum that we boys may just digress into posting pictures that represent our feelings :slight_smile: ) and the information was better than what a lot of the cattle in America are fed, so to speak.

It would seem like a major step in the right direction for overweight people, especially overweight women, to start there. I say especially women because of the environment, which is very supportive. A lot of women are quite afraid of “coming out” with their weight problem, and this would provide a forum in which they could do so “safely”. But some of the questions did seem a little juvenile compared to some that we see here.

I know a lot of family members that are currently on Weight Watchers. It seems to be working for them but to me it is just a simple way of losing weight. You don’t have to do much research and everything is done for you. I tell everyone how I lost weight(about 85 pounds) and they don’t seem to take any advice from me. I guess my way requires some thinking and research

weight watchers… Don’t knock it… Its really not a bad progarm for beginners and overweight indviduals.

Its just not T-man style thats all. The concept of weight watchers is great though (point system).

But its really just calorie counting. But if it works it works. And I know a lot of people that went on it.

Heck I even reccomend it to people.

I like how they set up too. With forums and meetings so the can confide with other people that are going to through the same thing.

Just because its not T-mag forums doesn’t mean its bad…