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Weight Vest


Does anyone have any good ideas for constructing a homeade weight vest.


you could probably modify a life jacket....you could maybe fit a 25 lb plate in the back pad and two 5 lb plates and a 2.5 lb plate in each of the front pads. That would give you a 50lb vest. Probably the 25 pounder wouldn't fit very well though, so maybe it wouldn't weigh quite 50 lbs... you might need to use four 5 lbs in the back or two 10lbs.


Gladitaor... buy a surplus army (the foreign ones are great!) backpack. I got mine from www.cheaperthandirt.com then I drove down to my neighborhood gravel/landscape lot and filled 25 lb. bags with concrete grade sand. Places like Wal-mart has sand for sandboxes as well. Make sure the backpack is canvas and you can load it up with the sandbags and do whatcha gotta do!


You can sew a long tube out of denim or something.... then add some gravel, let it roll down to one-end and sew across the tube creating a pocket with the gravel inside. You can repeat this until you have anough weight in the pockets, and then make it into a tapered loop, like a bandolier. Throw one over your left shoulder and one over your right, and your'e set. The advantage is that if you taper them right and add a tie-off between them they won't bounce like a backpack or life-jacket would. I use a similar set-up for HIIT.


Thanks for the replies guys. They are all good ideas.


ive loaded my jansport backpack with 60+ lbs, and have had it for +7 years.