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Weight Vest Training


I took a 75lb vest for a two mile stroll today. The hardest past of it was the unceasing discomfort/pain in the traps. The legs, lungs, etc. all did fine. Anybody have any experience with weightvest training and any advice about the challenge it poses to the shoulders? It was severe enough to make me reconsider doing it on a regular basis.


like anything else progressive overload. I'm sure you didn't go from never using it to a 2 minute stroll approximately 25 minutes with 75lbs on your shoulder and not expect some discomfort.


The vest has to be comfy. I also started with a 20lbs vest and moved up.


Very good idea. I have s forty lb x vest and that was east for a three mile walk . Bought the 84 lber and I thought I was going to die with the same distance.