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Weight Vest to Grow?

Beginner here with a question.

I am 5’ 9" 132lb 30 year old male. So pretty thin.

I recently started working out about 8 weeks ago, I’ve put on 8 lbs which was very hard to do. but it was a solid gain because I was sick a couple weeks ago and was bed ridden out of the gym for nearly 2 weeks. My weight flat lined down to 130. My weight has bounced around from 119 to 126 at the most ever since I got to this height in my teenage years. So the fact that I am now in the 130’s is a huge deal for me.

Was just thinking, fat people naturally are strong due to their body weight being heavy, their muscles have to haul it all around somehow. So what If I were to wear a weight vest all hours of the day around the house. I live in a 3 story house with lots of stairs. Wouldn’t my body (at least my legs) begin to adapt to this extra weight and grow? Of course additionally I would still be in the gym doing my squats, deadlifts, etc…

I’ve heard the calfs are one of the hardest muscles to grow because your body uses it all the time, so working it out is difficult. So if my calfs were worked out the 16 hours I’m awake with all that extra weight, wouldn’t they get bigger?

Just a thought…

Yes your body would adapt. However, I do not think you should buy a 50lbs vest and put ALL 50lbs on yourself at once and expect to do it day in day out for 16 hours. I would start with 5lbs and work your way up week after week. Adding 50lbs of weight will stress your body to quickly if working out on top of that. Think about buying groceries and carrying that weight from the store to you car and from your car to your house and upstairs. In only that short amount of time it can be pretty grueling hauling all that weight around all at once.

Larger people tend to add the extra body weight at a steady pace for over a long period of time. They don’t wake up 300lbs the next day and expect to have calves and legs to accommodate the extra mass.

[quote]big_josh wrote:
I recently started working out about 8 weeks ago, I’ve put on 8 lbs which was very hard to do.[/quote]
What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

No. At least, not growing any significant amount in any reasonable period of time.

What would happen, though, is that your body would say, “Oh shit, we have to haul around this extra weight? That’s gonna take a lot more effort. Crank up the metabolism and burn those calories, boys. We got work to do.”

You’d basically be doing very, very low intensity cardio all day long. And that’s the last thing you need.

Never mind the fact that your postural muscles (low back, abs, traps, etc.) would probably fatigue often enough and/or quick enough that you end up removing the vest for periods at a time, which would foul up the whole master plan anyhow.

In the same way that a new mechanic’s forearms get bigger by turning wrenches all day. Maybe, possibly, perhaps, but it’s a slow process that levels off after a while and isn’t worth the accidental payoff.

You’d do best if you spend all this mental energy on simply being consistent with a lifting routine 3-5 days a week, month after month, and being even more consistent cooking and eating abundantly, day after day.

Awesome feedback. Thank you!

Any sudden increase on the continuous load that your body has to deal with (though I believe it is typically minimum 40-50+ to be genuinely significant) will wear down your joints and connective musculature in a real bad way. Yes, they’ll adapt, but in the time it takes for them to adapt you can do damage.

And I don’t know why you think fat people are naturally strong. They’re not.