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Weight Vest Recommendations


I’m looking at getting a weight vest for some easy conditioning but I’m unsure what weight to get. Obviously I’ll not be using it all straight away but is it worth having extra weight to add in future or can I get enough out of it with say 20kg?

I am in the UK so if anyone has any recommendations of brands too that would be great.


I went through this dilema recently (also in the UK, there aren’t many)

I ended up only getting 10kg or so, but its very top heavy and feels surprisingly heavy!

I went with the Xn8 Sports Vest (from a well known online marketplace) . Its not adjustable for weight, but very comfortable compared to some of the ‘wearable bags of weights’ you get, which does help with using ir more often. Can easily wear it under a jacket or around the house.


For the price that weighted vests are going these days I’ma buy a full set of tactical webbing with all the pouch attachments I can fit on it and fill it with gold. Shit would still be cheaper than a weight vest probably


Depends on your weight, but for easy conditioning I’d stay in the range of 10-15% of your bodyweight. I’m around 80kg and I used to go walking with 10kg in a backpack (not ideal, but decent for a poor man’s solution lol), worked good for conditioning and recovery


I’m about 85kg. I’m a university student so basically everyday I’m carrying a bag with a big laptop and books in probably weighing at least 5kg and it does make a difference. I may try just loading up my bag some more before forking out the money for a vest.


@Pinkylifting I’ve just come back to this and looks like I’m stuck with the same choice as before, wondering how you got on with yours a few months on?


I have a 50 lb sand filled vest from unbroken designs. It has 4 large cross body velcro straps to hold it in place. I’ve been pretty impressed. I can do jumps, handstands, spar, and anything else I’ve tried without it moving too much or being uncomfortable in any way other than how it’s intended. Only annoying part is the individual pouches are not secured close, and the little sandbags try to work their way out of the vest occasionally.


Thanks for the review. Unfortunately in England we don’t seem to have the choice you do, there’s only about three reasonable options I’ve found.


How did it go with just rucking? If your main goal is walking with it, and not doing all the movement @brady888 just mentioned, it seems like that could suffice.

That said, I’m also prone to spend money on that kind of thing so I get it.


I don’t think I’ve ever loaded up a bag enough. There’s also the issue of if I do load it up with a lot of weight I’m worried it’ll rip then I’ll have to buy a new one.


Just seen this. Mine works great, though it spends most of its life in the cupboard. I really don’t use it as often as I should. I’ve used a couple at the gym and the one I mentioned is much more ergonomic and comfortable for general and outside the gym use. Can easily wear it under a hoodie without looking ridiculous and it doesn’t get in the way If I wear it around the house.


Thanks for letting me know. Price wise they’re all pretty similar so it’s just deciding which I like the look of most and if it’s worth the money