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Weight Vest for 55+ Lifter?

Hi Jim. Thanks for writng the 5-3-1 program. Strength training has been like discovering the fountain of youth for me.

Question for you and others: I’m considering buying a weight vest for my conditioning sessions. Are there other lifters over 55 using these? Which weight size do people buy? 40 lbs., 60 lbs.? (I’m 5’10, 175 lbs.) Also, do you use them for walking or also for pull-ups, push-ups?

Thanks for the help!!

I’m not 55+, but I have one and love it. I wear it when the wife and I go for walks, doing hill sprints, mowing the lawn, doing pullups, etc. Mine holds up to 60. I bought some ankle weights that I’ll drape over the shoulders if I want more wight.

I can’t really make any recommendation without training with you. In general, buy the heaviest weight vest you can afford. You can always take weight out of the vest. Start light, as usual and have some fun. I use the WV as part of my rehab and it’s been great.

45lbs vests are cheap but you’ll quickly get too strong for it.

Thanks all for the replies and advice. Jim, training with you would definitely be a big checkmark on my bucket list!